I was tagged over at Rooster Calls for this meme.  It appears to be simple enough, even for me:

5 things found in your bag:

1. Parking ticket (damn that broken meter)

2. Miniature Time Timer

3. Empty container of Tic Tacs

4. Lego heart from Lyle

5. Envelope full of deposits to be dropped at the bank

5 favorite things in your room:

1. 4 Framed photos of each of us with each of the boys

2. Bold orange and white duvet cover

3. Tissue paper and pipe cleaner flowers Baxter made in preschool one Mother’s Day

4. Pile of books to be read next to my bed

5. My great-grandmother’s engagement ring

5 things you have always wanted to do:

1. Be able to take naps (when not pregnant).

2. Sleep past 6:15 when I don’t have to get up for anything.

3. Work out every day.

4. Own a Vespa.  In pink.

5. Make out with Barry Manilow.  JUST KIDDING.

5 things you are currently into:

1. Eating right

2. Jack Johnson

3.  Slowing down

4. Benefit cosmetics

5. Redecorating our dining room

5 people you’d like to tag:

1.  The Lady Squabina at The Snarky Squab

2. Emily at A Life Less Ordinary?

3. Libby at A Study of Schoolbooks and Shoes

4. Kirsten at MomEgo

5. Cassie at Cute and Evil


8 responses to “Meme’d

  1. Thank you, I will play.

    Your room sounds like a really lovely space. 🙂

  2. i can’t believe it. I’ve always wanted a Vespa, too!!!! Seafoam green.

  3. I need to put my miniature Time Timer back into my bag, as Kate’s been having a difficult time leaving places!

  4. I love that you have a time timer in your bag!!! 🙂 I love those things so much I bought one for my kids!

  5. Berry Manillow?!…I hope you are joking!

  6. Holy crap. I’ve been memed. I’m in. Thanks!

  7. OK, I love you, but a Vespa? Not even something I’d take a turn on.

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