My Life in 6 Words

Oh, my.  The fantabulous Niksmom tagged me for this meme.  I am supposed to describe my life in only 6 words.  This can’t be easy.   Here goes…

Insane mother raises two cheery delinquents.


Frittering away another Friday night blogging.

Nah…here it is: 

Eyes wide open, love is mine.

I now tag absolutely anyone who would like to participate.  Leave your 6-word description on your blog or below in the comments for us all to enjoy.


9 responses to “My Life in 6 Words

  1. Nice. 🙂 I must confess, I kinda like the sound of the first one… 😉

  2. I have a couple:
    Me! Whoops, NOT all about me.
    In their faces, I found love.

  3. Nice job. Though the two that didn’t make the cut are pretty good, too!!

  4. Nice one(s)! I’ll have to take this one up.

  5. Yikes, I have avoided this meme/game for MONTHS ever since Sheri first did it on and then also put it on I kept thinking, good lord, I could fritter away hours doing this one over and over! But, in the original spirit of the exercise, it’s supposed to be done quick, with little contemplation or revising: off the top of one’s head, if you will. I heard it was originally a party game, kind of a get to know you thing. It’s also been made into a book, if you can believe that.

    So fun! Six words! I’ll try it soon.

  6. Thought of this one in church this morning:

    Blue boat home, boys there waiting.

    🙂 It is definitely off the top of my head. Why I was thinking about this in church I am not sure. Maybe because it’s the only time each week when I am guaranteed a moment to think without work, phone, kids, computer, husband, etc. etc. etc….

    I loved all of yours – the blogging one made me snort my coffee at work the other day. 🙂

  7. I know mine should probably be dripping with sweetness about my lovely wife and kids, but these were the first six words that came pouring out of my text editor:

    Playing with words, dreaming of naps

    I may have been influenced by Christopher’s description of me as a professional wordplayer, here:

  8. I love these! I like the first rejects, too!

  9. Up too late, can’t stop reading.

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