Milestone: Bike-riding!

What a weekend!  Amidst the usual church-and-soccer type of weekend fun we went to a great barbeque, a birthday party with lots of friends, and I got to have a lunch and garden center date with my friend Cara.  And somehow, in addition to all that, we got loads of active time together.  We took the boys swimming at my gym late on Saturday afternoon and there was lots of biking and scooter-riding today.

In fact, it was a big day around here:  Baxter learned to ride his two-wheeler without the training wheels!  He’s been trying for a while but it was somewhat slow going and was also breaking Matt’s back, so we finally took those pedals off and did it the newfangled way.  A co-worker in San Francisco had told Matt about using this method with his kids, and then I saw this video demonstrating how it works on Kyra’s blog, This Mom.

Folks, IT WORKS.

Baxter spent about ten minutes riding his bike on a grassy slope without the pedals (and with his seat lowered so that his feet could easily reach the ground to stop) before he announced that he was ready to put them back on.  In that ten minutes he got a handle on the coordination required to steer, balance, and stop.   Adding the pedals was a minor challenge after that, and he took off.  We all went back out this afternoon and he was able to ride on the concrete bike path by our beach, making slight turns and not hitting the joggers.  Wow.  Don’t get me wrong: he landed on Lyle once and has a nice collection of bruises and scrapes on his legs, but most of the time he landed quite gracefully on two feet, and got up smiling every time.

Now I’m wondering how soon we can do this with Lyle!  (Who proved to have a good deal of coordination this weekend himself as he confidently moved around the pool yesterday and then learned to ride Baxter’s scooter in all of 10 seconds this afternoon.  Excellent!)

Our video camera was in dire need of charging so I did not get any video clips of our bike rider (happily, Kyra got some footage of Fluffy!).  However, Matt has a wonderful series of photos on Flickr (called “Look, Ma – No Pedals!”) that he took with his iPhone today as Baxter was learning – you can see them here (move your mouse over the photos for Matt’s notes).

Now please join us in hoping that it’s not the last series of photos taken on this particular iPhone…Matt jumped into Lake Michigan tonight to retrieve a $2 foam football – with his iPhone in his shorts pocket.  It has yet to be revived.  Ouch.


10 responses to “Milestone: Bike-riding!

  1. Yippee on the bike riding!!! And boohoo on the phone…

  2. I just blogged about our pedal-less bike a few days ago! My son had amazing bike balance at barely 4 thanks to this!

  3. That is amazing about the bike riding! Way to go Baxter!
    I am so excited to try it here. I hope the phone is OK.

  4. We are all over this next weekend. Leave it to you and Kyra to help the rest of us with dusty, expensive bikes pining away in the garage…congrats to your super boy!

  5. Yay, Baxter! Congratulations! And Jordan, you KNOW Matt jumped in the Lake with his iPhone intentionally as he knows the new one is coming out soon – excellent excuse for an upgrade! Whoops, I probably was not supposed to say that, right Matt??? (Seriously – sorry about the phone!!!!)

  6. Umm, yeah, Cara, you know him too well. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Thanks, Lyle!!” – until he saw the look on my face. All I can say is it’s a good thing they’ve come down in price from last summer when we bought them…there’s still hope. He’s got a fan blowing on the little thing right now…

    Drama Mama, good luck next weekend! Your girls will love it!!

  7. Ouch for the phone…but OMG!!! on the bike riding. Way to go Baxter. :-))

  8. Go, Baxter!!! Well done on becoming a two-wheeling guy!
    Although I don’t know Matt, I am married to a gadget-guy, and I am suspicious of the “accidental” nature of his phone’s demise….. 🙂


  10. Jordan, Iris has this one. She loves it and has been really tearing it up at the park. Lyle could totally handle it.

    Here is an article with more details and a link to other brands that sell them.

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