Weekend in Pictures

Matt and I took a lot of photos this weekend.  I think it was the combination of sunny skies and fun outings that inspired us.

Here are a few of my favorites – these were all taken very close to our house – and the full set is here. (Matt gets credit for the photo of our new geraniums, although I get credit for buying them!)








7 responses to “Weekend in Pictures

  1. that is one gorgeous weekend! 🙂

  2. Lyle reminds me of your dad…their faces look so alike

  3. A perfect May weekend!

  4. Yes, Beata, you’re absolutely right! I remember you noticing that when he was a baby, and it’s still very true. Matt just said that yesterday – he’s like a little Bob Sadler walking around! Lyle was talking about you today, by the way…

  5. So lovely! I especially love the one of the beach. And congrats to Baxter on the bike riding! Very exciting.

  6. Wonderful photos. Looks like a glorious weekend!

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