A Day with the Little One

For Lyle and me, Tuesdays and Thursdays have always been our days.  This past year, however, his nursery school met on those mornings and when he came home we had precious little time before the lunch/quiet time/carpool period, allowing us minimal downtime to be together.  As much as I loved those 5 hours on my own each week, I hated missing out on our time.

I am happy to report that his nursery school year ended on Tuesday and today was like old times again.  All summer, we’ll have those days together (most of the time with Baxter as well, which will be great), and in the fall he will go to nursery school four afternoons a week, so we’ll still have that relaxing morning time together to do whatever we want.  I’m so happy to have these days with him again for his last year before kindergarten.

Here are a few highlights of our first morning back together…

Trying on Baxter’s backpack before school, so thrilled to feel like a Big Kid:

Finding his own CARS backpack and filling it with odds and ends that I didn’t even see until he unloaded them all over the table at the neighborhood Starbucks, which he cleverly talked me into visiting after a trip to the bank next door (saying enthusiastically, upon our entry, “I love Starbucks more than home!!”):

Having a particularly good time with the rubber chicken he had brought – my favorite was when he shared our milk with the guy:

And then going home to construct custom made garages for his Cars character toys:

In one more week, Baxter will be home, too.  I may be completely delusional, but I choose to believe that we’re going to have a fantastic summer.


12 responses to “A Day with the Little One

  1. Oh, that’s nice to have one on one time.
    I (think) I’m looking forward to summer vacation. It will be nice to have the whole day to go out and do things. Right now the day is broken up by half day Kindergarten, which makes it difficult to actually do anything!

  2. A boy after my own heart! I’ve been told more than once by my 4yo, “You know, mama, there’s a Starbucks near here.” The rubber chicken cracks me up. He’s awesome. So glad you’ll have your time together. I’m looking forward to summer here, too!

  3. Annie’s favorite place to go during our special time is Dunkin Donuts. Actually, any place that involves food is her favorite place.

    And yes, I think you guys will have a fantastic summer.

  4. That special time alone together is so precious. I get it now.

  5. Giving your rubber chicken a drink of milk in Starbucks – life doesn’t get much better, Lyle! What a wonderful, special and fun time you had together! I wish you a lovely, long summer full of special moments.

  6. You will have a great summer! If nothing else, the Lake is always right there. Daniel now knows the Starbucks sign, and will point it out to me as well. 🙂 Funny coffee-shop era kiddos.

  7. Of course you will have a fantastic summer! Scott loves Starbucks, too. He asked if we could go there for dinner yesterday (I take pride in this, that he’d rather go there than McDonalds). Having alone time with the second is such a gift, I miss having it with Scott.

  8. Those pictures…his SMILE…say so much. Yes, I think you will have a lovely summer with BOTH your boys.

  9. What a great kid, and yes, it will be a great summer for the house of wonder. How could it not be?

  10. Aw. So cute. I love my one-on-one time with each of my boys. TH and I are getting a ton of that right now and enjoying every minute.

  11. Honestly, if you were a four-year-old boy, you’d TOTALLY be Lyle. Because, in your heart of hearts, you know you’d share your milk with the rubber chicken too. Priceless!

  12. “Only child” time is so important! Love the pics!!

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