I’m Here

I’m still here.  I swear I am.  Well, mostly.  I mean, let’s define “here”.

Not “here” so much, I suppose, when it comes to reading and writing blog posts or chatting on IM with anyone.  But I’m “here” at the computer working my tail off day and night, when I’m not “there” at the end-of-preschool picnic or “there” at the playground or  “there” at my clinic running another Date Night.

I’ve been at the computer by 6 o’clock in the morning both days this weekend.  I swear to you that I can get more done between 6 and 7am than many people accomplish by 3pm.   I’ll bet some of you out there would say the same.

I won’t bore you with the minute details of what’s keeping me so busy, but in general it has to do with: a) starting a new SCERTS-based preschool program in the fall; b) preparing to become a SCERTS Instructor in July (the jobs are rolling in – I’m already booked to run a 2-day workshop in Florida in August and may have a workshop in Texas in the fall); c) hiring a full-time SLP to work for me; d) completing end of the month/quarter billing and note-writing; e) getting my business incorporated (I’m a corporation, Wonderfriends!); f) and all that c.r.a.z.y. extra end-of-the-year parenting stuff.  I just thought of a few more, but I don’t want you all falling asleep on your keyboards, so I’ll leave it at that.

So I’m here.  Really I am.  I’ll be back with some more interesting things to say, such as, “How about that OBAMA, folks?” and “Did you know that yesterday a guy drove by us and screamed ‘Obama!!!  Whoo hoo!!’, giving us a thumbs up for our bumper sticker, and Matt thought he was saying, ‘Mama!!! Whoo hoo!!’ and giving me the thumbs up in a suggestive way?” It’s nice to know he even thinks that’s a remote possibility anymore. But, no, dear, he’s referring to our presumptive Democratic nominee for President.

I might also have something to say about the crazy people who make so much damn noise in our alley at all hours.  Like the woman who is totally freaking out right now.  I’d hate to be the guy on the receiving end of that particular tirade.

Okay, I’m rambling.  I’ve gone too far.  So I’ll just leave you with some sweet photos we took of our little family out on the front porch this morning, when the boys were freshly showered and looking dapper.

See you soon.


8 responses to “I’m Here

  1. Busy busy time. Yes. But wonderful photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. that is one happy family in those photos. 🙂

  3. #451 is my fave…what great shots! So much going on in your life, but all amazing opportunities for growth. It is going to be quite a summer!

  4. What a beautiful family you make – the photos are wonderful.
    My 8 year old is rooting for Obama. He watched the news with us the other day as the upcoming US elections. I nearly fell off my seat when he said he hoped Obama wins because “they need a change over there in America”, and he didn’t like the look of “that old guy”.
    Out of the mouths of babes….. an Aussie one at that!

  5. Yikes, you sure ARE busy! Love the photos!

  6. Wow – you sound busy! Seems like it’s mostly Good Busy though!

  7. “Obama! Whoo-hoo!” indeed. 🙂 Funny story! And those pictures are great – pretty setting, lovely family. Hang in there this week!

  8. Wow. You are a mighty busy lady!!!!

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