Pass the Vino to Mr. Wienie Dog

I had an extra special day today.

It started with a really great early morning workout that was twice as long as usual now that we’re on our summer schedule here at home (hooray!), and continued with six consecutive hour-long intense therapy sessions at work.  I spent one entire hour of my afternoon as a canine named “Mr. Wienie Dog”. (I did not name myself.)  Seriously.  I didn’t speak for a full hour, just gestured and intoned along with my barking.  From my position on all fours on the floor.  Yes, this qualifies as work for me.  (It was great for my client’s attention to non-verbal skills!)

As my caffeine-less (egads!) afternoon wore on, I became increasingly aware of my fatigue level, and at some point before I left work, instructed myself not to have my customary glass of wine with dinner or I was sure to pass out before the kids.

All this is shared to help you understand why it was notable tonight that after a mere fifteen minutes at home with my exhausted-from-swimming, over-excited-about-being-home-together boys, I did not think twice before breaking open the nearest bottle of cold chenin blanc as I warmed up the roasted chicken.

Fifteen minutes, Wonderfriends.

I think I’ve said in the past that my boys get along really, really well.  What I meant was, they get along really, really well when one of them is at school for 7 hours a day.

I’m just saying.

10 responses to “Pass the Vino to Mr. Wienie Dog

  1. Well, as they say, let the good times roll…

  2. Personally, I think that ANYONE who has the courage and moral fiber to play “Mr. Wienie Dog” for an hour deserves a glass of crisp white wine at the very minimum, one’s own children notwithstanding. {This said after a nice cold beer after a long day at work, followed by a little Isaac-style mutilation of the Bubble Gum song; to wit:
    “My father gave me a PEE PEE
    He told me to buy a POO POO
    [hysterical laughter]
    But I didn’t buy a POO POO
    Instead I bought DOO DOO!!!
    [more hysterical laughter]
    One could be forgiven, no?}

  3. Summertime and me, a love/hate thing. I think it takes a few weeks for the kids to get into a grove together (and stop bickering) and until then, bring on the caffeine and wine.

  4. listen, we’re coming right over–fluffy is DYING to play with mr. wienie dog!!!! and so am i!!!!

    i have no doubts that those adorable boys of yours will find their playing together groove for these long, luscious summer days.

  5. Sigh…it’s a dog’s life, eh? (Sorry, couldn’t help myself!) 😉

    May I pour you another glass of vino Mr. Wien-o?

  6. Just finished a glass myself. Here’s to summer!

  7. Dude. I’m on Operation Dry Out after Paris.

    I miss the Blanc, dude.

    I’m teaching Arts Camp SEVEN hours a DAY with 45 kids.

    I deserve something at the end of the day. Sigh.

    Mr. Weiner Dog. Priceless. But just think of how that kid will carry that with him/her.

  8. Oh, Jordan! Bring ON that vino. And how right you are about when/how our kids get along with each other. I am really curious about how Germany will work for Daniel and Noah – language issues, being with only each other all day, every day, etc. etc.

    Should be an interesting summer! And I promised to TRY not to greet you at the welcome table (if you’re allowed to even greet!) with a hearty, “Good morning, Mr. Weenie Dog!” I will try. Really.

  9. I’m behind in my reading, Mr. Wienie Dog, but I have to comment. It’s always nice to know that typical kids drive their parents to drink too. Now scuze me while I pour another one myself.

  10. Totally necessary. It could be a long summer.

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