Good Morning

Riding my bike through the leafy sun-dappled streets of my neighborhood at 6:15 this morning en route to the gym, I had a lovely experience.  Two different middle-aged men paused on the sidewalk to greet me with a smile and a hearty “Good morning!” as I rode past them, our paths intersecting for all of one second.

This was not creepy: they didn’t want anything.  There was nothing lascivious about their tones (which is not always the case in a big city – I’m not always this lucky).  It was a simple greeting, much like you’d get on your way into church as someone smiles and shakes your hand.  I responded in kind, thinking how improved my morning was for these brief interactions with strangers.

I thought about this again as I biked back home later, and decided that I would make an effort to do the same.  As I passed other bikers and pedestrians on the streets and alleys around my neighborhood, I smiled and gave them a cheery “Good morning!”  Previously tired and passive-looking citizens on their way to work broke out in smiles and automatically returned the greeting.

Not a single other person in this string of interactions looked anything like me.  Faithful to the demographics of this neighborhood, they and their ancestors hailed from all over the world.  I was struck by how the simple act of saying “Good morning” to strangers in my neighborhood left me feeling more connected to my community and the world at large.

Good morning, Wonderfriends!

Pass it on.


5 responses to “Good Morning

  1. I love doing things like that, too! Of course, sometimes you get some really weird responses…

  2. Good morning! 🙂

  3. That’s all well and good, but honestly, here in small town America it can be kind of a drag to say “good morning” to a dozen people – half of whom you know personally, and some of whom you saw half-naked the night before at the city pool – before you can even get to the head of the line at the coffee shop.

    (P.S. Good afternoon!)

  4. Yes, Christopher,that would get on my nerves after a while. I love the combo of knowing a few people everywhere we go in our neighborhood and then being anonymous the rest of the time!

  5. Dude, I am a cheery-assed greeter all the time. Rarely do people get a thrill like you did. I’m so glad that you are not jaded and can reciprocate a kind greeting.
    (Sometimes I add a compliment . That really blows their mind)

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