Vacation Calls

Part of what I’m doing for myself this summer that’s creating more space in my life is giving myself a lot of time off.  Yes, yes, it’s true that if I don’t work there is no income, but if I don’t take some time off, I will become cranky and unproductive and that doesn’t serve anyone well.  If only I could figure out how to give myself paid vacation…

This week marks the first trip of the summer.  We are heading to the other side of this big blue lake to Michigan, where we will stay in the beautiful rental house by the beach with Matt’s family for the second year in a row.  The kids are out of their minds to get back there, and I don’t think it’s just because I allow them to have “vacation cereal” (as my brother and I called it when we were kids, allowed to have it on our summer trips to Cape Cod).  They have both hollered, “I’m having Fruit Loops on the first day!” multiple times.  God help us if their cousins have their eyes on those, too.  Their wish lists are long for these five days, and so we’ll be piling the bikes on the back of the car and bringing our floaties for the unsupervised beach front near the house, and probably pretending that the car breaks down as we pass McDonald’s on the way there.  Because that was one of the biggest deals of the past year, hands down.

And this year we’ll be watching the weather before going down to our beach.  Let’s hope this year’s stories from Michigan are a bit less dramatic.


14 responses to “Vacation Calls

  1. Have fun! You know, Michigan is the Great Lakes State.

    (I’m hoping that no thunderstorms from hell afflict the trip.)

  2. Enjoy! Wishing you a storm-free, uneventful vacation.

  3. Have a fantabulous family vacation, Wonderwheel fam! I love the idea of vacation cereal!

  4. Happy vacation!! Enjoy! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  5. Wait a minute. I just spent some vacation days at your house and there was no word of vacation cereal. I mean Puffins are good and all, but I coulda had Fruit Loops?!

  6. Here’s to a peaceful, storm-free vacation!

  7. “Vacation cereal” – we do that, too!! Maybe that is why our kids won’t eat the cereal normally because they only want the sugar kind that they can’t have except on vacation! Have a wonderful wonderwheel vacation. A house on the lake is my idea of heaven. Enjoy!

  8. Thanks for your comment at Momformation, Jordan. I think you summed it all up in your second paragraph when you spoke about the choices women face today. Enjoy your lake vacation. May there be no whining.

  9. Have a great trip! We will miss you!!

  10. 1. You will be missed.
    2. Have a fabulous time.
    3. My kids are waiting for their “vacation cereal” – may I recommend the tiny boxes of sugary goodness? It’s like Christmas every morning.
    4. Take lots of pictures!

  11. Have a wonderful vacation! You deserve it! We miss you but are keeping afloat.

  12. Our vacation cereal was Grape Nuts. Our vacations sucked.

  13. Yes, drama mama, we’ve got the big packs of mini-cereals all lined up on the kitchen counter ready for tomorrow morning.

    Brian? I’m sorry.

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