Sometimes you read blog posts that are just…perfect.

You know the ones I mean: you sit there, staring at your screen in wonder, loving the way you just saw the world through someone else’s eyes.  Someone who writes really, really well.

I felt that way when I read this post by Looky, Daddy!.  If you didn’t click over the last time I instructed you to, please do so today.  In this case, I sat there stunned that someone had found exactly the right words and mood to express how I felt about California’s recent legalization of same-sex marriage.

So strongly did I feel about this that I actually looked into the steps required to give Looky, Daddy! a Perfect Post award for June.  I have sat here, on vacation, sitting at a table with my adult relatives who are debating at least 85 controversial topics as we all pound M&Ms.  Now that’s dedication.  Congrats, Looky, Daddy! on the first Perfect Post Awarded by The Wonderwheel.

Note: You can read the other Perfect Post Awards for June at Suburban Turmoil or Petroville.  It’s a great way to discover new blogs.  And then go back and read Looky, Daddy! again because he will never let you down.


One response to “Perfecto!

  1. Good lord, this homage will certainly add to my already overwhelming supply of pomposity. Is that a word? Pomposity? Well, it is now, because I command it so!

    (And thanks! It was my first “perfect post.” You were very gentle.)

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