Michigan Vacation: Day One in Photos

 Vacation Cereal.

Swinging with happy cousins.

Swinging with not-so-happy cousins.

Playing Pretty Princess.

Heading to space with Pikachu face paint.

Letting Matt paint my face. Okay, so it’s a bit faded.

Trying out wheelchair basketball.


6 responses to “Michigan Vacation: Day One in Photos

  1. That’s just day one?? You all now how to maximize vacation fun! Awesome pics!

  2. So what’s left? That’s a lot of stuff for one day…

  3. I love the thumbs up on the Fruit Loops and Coco Puffs (I am guessing). Looks like so much fun!

  4. I am so wanting to be on one of those lounge chairs right now…keep ’em coming…

  5. Is that “special cereal” I see there in those bowls? You’re in trouble now. I have to say, I agree with Lyle’s silent editorial comment. Yay, Fruit Loops! (I also was deprived as a child; I’m still in recovery).

  6. Now THAT’S the life! 🙂

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