Michigan Vacation: Day Two in Photos

 Lifeguards: The Next Generation


Jumping in the Waves.

Playing Bocci on the lawn.

Riding the zip line.  The boy loves speed.

Posing together to humor their parents.

7 responses to “Michigan Vacation: Day Two in Photos

  1. That last one is hilarious and just perfect! I wanna go on your family vacation! 😉

  2. Am I too old to have a crush on Lyle? He’s too cute.

  3. goodfountain, I think it’s perfectly appropriate.

    HeatherK, if you want hilarious, try this one. I’m having trouble deciding which one I want to frame.

  4. OMG, those are so adorable. And I’m w/goodfountain on the Lyle crush!

    I LOL…actually guffawed…at the pic on flickr! I think you should frame them together…side by side or stacked.

    I’m having serious vacation envy!

  5. Looks like your little guys are having a wonderful vacation! Great photos!! Keep ’em coming…

  6. Here I sit, in some serious SF fog, and I am…jealous. Even though we have these: http://www.tartinebakery.com/menu/Bread.

    Delightful photos.

  7. You can’t hurt me with your Tartine *this* month, drama mama!!! I’ll be there in just two weeks, staying within walking distance of Tartine…of course, I’ll be wearing my fleece and probably a hat, but I can’t wait!

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