iPhone Love

I’ve wanted to post about the wonders of my iPhone for about a year now, but I still find myself somewhat sheepish about the fact that I own one.  I want to say to everyone who sees it, “I’m running a business – it was a much-needed tax write-off last summer!!” as if anyone actually cares how I pulled it off.  However, I don’t hide it when I’m in groups like I did for the first few months (when just pulling it out of my bag attracted a large group of curious folks), but I do try to lay low with the thing.  At any rate, I decided to post about it because I realized two things recently:

1)  I’ve had it for a full year now, and I am still madly in love with it every single dingle day; and

2)  Now that the new one is coming out at a far more reasonable price, more people might be thinking about purchasing them, and therefore more interested in what I have to say about it.

So I won’t go on and on, but I’ll give you a few things that have made the biggest difference for me:

* Direct access to my personal and work email accounts anytime I want.  This is useful when stuck in traffic or waiting for a client, but especially excellent when I am traveling.

* Very easy key pad that pops up for typing.  People seem to be frightened of it, but believe me, you get used to typing on it within a few days, and the word prediction feature works very well for me.  I can write long emails, comment on blog posts, and send lengthy, grammatically correct text messages quickly and easily.  As I once wrote about, even a 6-year old can pick it up and start using text messaging well.

* The visual voicemail is just amazing.  I’m a big fan of the little numbers that show me how many voice mails and text messages I have, and I can choose which new message I want to listen to by touching that name or number. If I need to fast forward or rewind, I just move the little bar where I want to listen.  Actually, the whole phone/contacts feature is incredible to me.  Every bit of information in my MacBook’s Address Book is synched up with my iPhone, making it easy to make calls and look up addresses (which can be touched to pull up a map and directions to that location – and now there is a real GPS feature on the new ones).  I have also assigned my favorite photos of family and friends to their contact pages so that when they call I get to see their shiny, happy faces.

* It’s my iPod.  All of my music is on this thing.  And here’s a scenario for you from a drive to work (when I’m not carpooling): the iPhone is connected through the car stereo so that I can listen to whatever I want in the car.  I’m wearing my BlueTooth headset.  I’m jamming to music when all of a sudden, the music is turned down for me automatically because a call is coming in.  I touch my ear piece and answer the phone.  No sudden turning music down or off, or fumbling with the phone to answer.  That’s one smart piece of technology.  As soon as I hang up the call, my music comes back on. This never fails to amaze me.

* The camera on the iPhone is quite good.  I frequently take a shot of a child I’m working with doing something fabulous, and I zip it off to their parents via email in the middle of a therapy session.  As you might imagine, they love getting these.   I also love to send a cute shot to Matt or the grandparents seconds after I capture it.

The awesome thing about the iPhone is that it just keeps getting better.  Apple continues to roll out upgrades that I get automatically by synching it with my computer, and Google seems to be working overtime to make all of their super cool applications work on it.  On my iPhone home page, which I can now customize, I have added buttons for my Google Reader, for Google Talk, and my home/work Google Calendar.   And, of course, a direct link to The Wonderwheel.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and there are plenty of features that I don’t even make use of on this device that I’m sure someone else would place at the top of her list. I briefly considered upgrading to the new phone being released this Friday, but there’s really no point.  I’m sure I could get used to a faster data speed right quick, but the current speed rarely causes problems.  I’m also not that interested in a more expensive monthly plan.  I do suspect that I’ll be ready to upgrade next summer when they come up with yet another version and I’ll be in a different financial position, but for now I am completely happy with the phenomenal little piece of technology that I’ve got.

Okay.  Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.


8 responses to “iPhone Love

  1. Really??? You just had to go all ‘Mac is amazing’ this morning??? I’ve had a hard enough time having to relinquish my ginormous G5 desktop with 22″ monitor (I’d seriously make out with it if I could) and my iBook when I took my new job. This horrid new job (yes, I really hate it) is COMPLETELY PC. It makes me sick to my stomach. And no, I can’t afford a Mac on my own or an iPhone. Well, I could probably manage the iPhone, it’s the service plan and the fact that I’m terrified I’d drop it. The only consolation I have is that my awesome former bosses bought me an 8G iPod nano. I sleep with it under my pillow.

    Don’t tell my boss, but I’ve started leaving my PC on over night and only turning off my monitors. It’s ‘against the rules’ to leave your machine on overnight. I frequently tell people that if we had Mac’s that they could be set to have them turned on and ready to go when we got here in the morning.

    So please. Please enjoy your iPhone and your Mac computer. While I must suffer alone in the world of craptacular PC. It’s okay if you gush again. It makes me lusty for material things. And I JUST don’t get enough of that…

  2. “… and send lengthy, grammatically correct text messages quickly and easily …”

    HA! You know right where to sell me. Not that I need any convincing. The new plans are kind of sucky, but I’m still SUPER EXCITED to get my new iPhone!

  3. Uh, I have a Map laptop and I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I get all ’80’s and old and sh*t. I WANT to love Mac, but I just can’t. I love my Dell laptop -even though the letters of the keys are worn off. As for the phone – it’s pretty. I like that. I just see myself staring at it, crying on a city street.

    I’m all over the Crackberry.

  4. Sounds fabulous! It really is everything you need all rolled into one. I keep wanting to look at one, but every time I pass by the apple store it is jam packed.

  5. *drool* 🙂

    Of course, I would not DREAM of drooling on your iPhone as my lovely husband has done, but I am salivating nonetheless. It’s so pretty!

  6. I think DramaMama’s problem is that she bought some sort of Chinese knock off. They often try to trick you with the similar-but-different names. Gucii, Preda, etc. Just don’t buy a iPad – bad news.

    Jordan, this post almost sends me over the brink. I’d get an iPhone if I could, but the new service plans are ridiculous. The cheaper new device + the more expensive new plans wind up costing a lot more per year than the old arrangement. But my new Samsung celly came in the mail today, so I can salve my conscience that way. Maybe iPhone 3.0 next summer will be the thing, or a GooglePhone this fall.

  7. How I want one. sigh. I’ll have to be content for now with my macbook pro and imac.

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