Mama 2.0 is GEEKED OUT.

Okay, so I had something else to talk about today, but it is clear that I made a big mistake yesterday, so let’s clear that up first.  I accidentally wrote about my iPhone love the day before iTunes opened its new Applications store (yes: Music, Videos, Podcasts…and Applications).  Supposedly, we iPhone users weren’t going to be able to access these until tomorrow, but thanks to a tip from this blogger and some technical assistance from this husband, I have been able to geek out for hours today.  (Did I mention it’s Day 2 of 2 when the boys are both in camp this summer? And that Lyle came home and is napping while Baxter’s still at camp?)  Here is the info on how to do it today, if you are inclined to be at the head of the pack.

So here’s the thing.  We live in the future in a really big way.  I downloaded a ludicrous number of applications that range from incredibly useful to sublimely ridiculous…for free.  And they hardly took up any memory.  And if I don’t tell you about some of them, I am going to burst.  So the more serious post lined up for today?  You can come back and read that tomorrow, if you are so inclined.  But for now: technogeek time.

Highlights from the “incredibly useful” category:

* The new Contacts button on my home screen.  THANK YOU, Apple, for not making me go digging for that any longer!  Hiding that in the Phone category was just plain silly.  I love you to bits, but it just was.

* The If Found button that provides my phone number and a reward amount in case the phone gets lost.  I love that the icon is a dollar sign – what else would someone touch first if they found an iPhone just lying there?  “Hmm…what have we here?  Ooh, someone dropped their iPhone?  Aha – and maybe if I push this button I can get some cash, too!”

* The very nice Bank of America application that allows me to log securely into my bank so that I can check balances, transfer money, etc. when I’m away from the computer.  Which is quite useful for my business banking needs.

* Dial Zero: This application has a seemingly endless number of businesses to choose from or search for.  When you select one, it dials you – now, get this – straight to a human operator!  Of course, my grandparents don’t have an iPhone, but when I was staying with my grandmother, I spent a long time trying to find a human being for her to talk to at Medicaid about her prescriptions, and I just saw that I can select that company and be taken directly to a woman for her to rake over the coals next time.  Priceless!

* I’m impressed with Exposure, which links to my Flickr photo account, allowing me access to all of my photos with a nice, simple interface.

* There are some great new productivity applications for the phone as well.  I am currently trying out both Jott and EvernoteJott looks especially cool in that it takes voice recordings through the phone and transfers them into text for me.  And then I can organize them into my to do lists and files.  Whoa.  Both have potential to help with organizing my to do lists.  See what I mean about living in the future?  I just got this for FREE, Wonderfriends. (And by the way, these two applications are also on the web for free – check them out!)

Highlights from the Sublimely Ridiculous category:

* Multiple applications for Twitter.  I am trying out Twittelator and Twitterfic (which  is one I am familiar with).  Apparently you can set up Twittelator to send an all-points-bulletin to all of your contacts if you are ever in an emergency, which comes complete with your exact location.  Could be handy.

* Shazam! (They don’t put that exclamation point there, that’s all me.) When you open Shazam – seriously, listen to this one – you can hold your phone up near music that’s playing, and it will “listen” for a few moments, tell you the artist and song name, and then link you to iTunes or the music video if you wish.  You can also create an album of songs you capture on Shazam.  Huh?!  Oh, and I tried it – it works.

There are also a few I downloaded with next week’s solo flight with the boys in mind:  Moo, Phone Saber (makes lightsaber sounds when you move the phone – and of course shows one on screen, complete with color choices – !), JirboMatch, Yes/No (a simplified Magic 8 Ball!) and Finger Paint.

I should add that if I were willing to pay something for downloads, there would be infinitely more to choose from, but for now I have plenty of freebies to keep me busy.

iPhone users out there, tell me what you find in the iTunes Application store that is useful and/or ridiculous – I have equal respect for both!  I’m looking for your advice, insights, and suggestions.


11 responses to “Mama 2.0 is GEEKED OUT.

  1. You’re really tempting me. I think, perhaps, if/when I cave, I’m going to send *you* my iPhone so you can trick it out with the most useful of apps.

  2. What HeatherK said!! 🙂 You are TOTALLY geeking out, Sister, but I love it! I want one!!!

  3. My mouth is watering but I need to be able to use it in Europe and so far have been told no can do…ARRGGHHH
    So I guess it’s still me and my blackberry!

  4. Now I’m scared for you, Jordan!! 😉 Ok, actually, I’m envious!

  5. I have gotten some feedback on this via email that I want to share:

    1) Julie in Seattle directed me to the urbanspoon application, which is one of the best yet! You have to see this to believe it:

    2) There have been many votes for Jott as an organizational tool and I’ve spent much of this evening trying to wrap my mind around it. So I can call a toll-free number and leave a message, and my info will be automatically added to my Google Calendar, my Remember the Milk account (very cool!), and even my WordPress blog? This also led to the discovery that I can set up Remember the Milk as a friend on Twitter and actually Tweet in my to do’s anytime. Umm, okay. Why the hell not?

    I go to bed tonight feeling as if I’ve spent the day on another planet. A VERY high tech one. I now see how easy it will be to become out of touch with technology as we get older.

  6. *salivating* At least I can use Jott on my new regular celly…

  7. Yeah, you’re scaring me.

  8. I love the shopping list app, even paid .99 for it. Also, I’ve used Twitterific but still prefer TwitterFox for Firefox on the desktop, and just plain old Twitter for the iPhone–go to the Twitter site and bookmark it to your home screen. It works!

    Geek on!

  9. i love technology! almost as much as i love you.

  10. Um…you lost me at hello.

    Do you remember the scene in the film, “Sex and the City” when Carrie is hysterical and can’t dial on Samantha’s iPhone at her wedding.
    That would be me.

    I love you to pieces, Jordan, but this can’t be right.

  11. Drama mama is making me laugh again. You lost me, too. But maybe you can explain some of this stuff in person. You and my hubby would get along great, though. He sent me a link to that Remember the Milk thing about a year ago and I never even looked at it. My first question is: how do you find the time to tinker with this stuff, anyway?

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