Seven and a Half

Seven and a half is…

…tall and lanky with long deeply tanned limbs and sun bleached hair poking out above twinkling green eyes;

…laughing uproariously at Over the Hedge and Toy Story, large adult teeth still so unexpected;

…learning new skills at a rate that seems to rival only toddlerhood;

…offering to read a book to his little brother after he finishes reading it to himself, and not minding when the little brother hangs over his shoulder waiting;

…running to give his mother an enthusiastic kiss and hug when she comes in from work, and then automatically plopping back onto the couch to read;

…listening to his Nana say, “I can’t wait to see you on Friday!” and responding with “Ditto”;

…rediscovering the toys in the playroom and observing, “I never thought I’d say this, but the dinosaurs and trains are still really fun to play with!”;

…tucking his stuffed dog Fluffy into bed with him at night swaddled in his favorite blue polka dotted Blankie, exactly as he himself was swaddled and tucked into bed between his parents seven and a half years ago.


6 responses to “Seven and a Half

  1. What a lovely sketch of your sweet little guy.

  2. What a doll. He’s a great kid. But you know that already!

  3. I love the maturity of reading to his brother and realizing that he can still play with the toys. I am liking 7, here, too.

  4. Sigh. Simply lovely, Jordan. But where is the photo of the lanky, green-eyed blond?? 😉

  5. So sweet!!

  6. Love this. I like the unexpected large teeth. And that nugget in the photo. Oy.

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