In the End, No Words

My mind is filled with words, so many words.  Even more than usual.

Words about my 24 hours at BlogHer last weekend, and meeting some of the incredible writers I’ve formed friendships with through our blogs in the past year.  Cementing those friendships through real life conversations and experiences.  All that I am thinking about after the panels I attended there and will bring back to my work and personal life.

Words about the incredibly intense and rewarding 4-day SCERTS training I just completed with SCERTS collaborator Emily Rubin, SLP, here in Monterey.  My brain is filled to capacity with new and fascinating information; things that I will bring to my work and be passing on to large groups of practitioners and administrators when I begin giving workshops around the country, starting in just a few short weeks.

I have enough words in my head to fuel blog posts for the next two years.

But now, suddenly, this.  A tragic, unexpected loss.  The loss of a child, arguably the worst kind of loss there is. In fact, a child whose very existence has changed scores – hundreds – of lives for the better thanks to the impact he had on his family and how his mother chose to share her experiences with others through her gorgeous, generous writing.  His mother, a friend I finally met just a few days ago.  My heart is filled with grief for her and for all of us.  It’s an unbearable loss.

And so, for now, I have no words.



Here is the information on the services for Evan:

Public viewing:  Monday, July 28th 5 -7 pm
Memorial:  Tuesday, July 29th 11 am
Cabot & Sons Mortuary
27 Chestnut St
Pasadena, CA 91103
(626) 793-7159

In lieu of flowers, please send contributions to:
The Pediatric Epilepsy Fund at UCLA
Division of Pediatric Neurology
Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
22-474 MDCC
10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1752


You can send love and condolences here.


4 responses to “In the End, No Words

  1. yes, that’s exactly the thing I keep thinking of: How Evan’s life impacted all of us, how knowing him through Vicki’s beautiful writing changed us, bettered us, made us whole.

  2. Incredible how one small child can touch so many hearts and change so many lives.

  3. Yes, what Kristen and Niksmom said. This was a beautiful tribute, Jordan. Thank you for your words.

  4. I am looking forward to learning more about the SCERTS training you received. Perhaps I can write about the workshops you will be doing to reach more families. I have a current events section at my site.

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