Child of a Therapist

Me, making dinner.*

Lyle, sitting on the nearby couch, poring over a small catalog-like enclosure from his Thomas the Tank Engine train that shows every single dingle train and accessory ever made (CURSES!).

Lyle, whining: “Mommeeee, I can’t wait for my birthday!!  I miss my birthday!  It’s too hard to wait!”

Me, wondering how long it will be before I can make that particular enclosure disappear.

Lyle, suddenly all business: “Mommy?  It’s too hard to wait.” And then the clincher:  “So.  Mommy, how can we solve that?”

Kids: like it or not, they’re the best mirrors we’ve got.

* Aren’t you glad I’m going back to work tomorrow?  Maybe the cute kid stories won’t take over this blog, after all.


5 responses to “Child of a Therapist

  1. It should be illegal to include those enclosure catalogs with toys.

  2. That’s priceless!!!

  3. Ha! Perfect. Your kids are adorable, you can tell cute stories as much as you like. Hope work goes well today!

  4. Ha! So I guess I know what Lyle wants for his birthday, now! And that is hilarious how he mirrored you!

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