Oh, the Crankiness

Our friend Alex called from Seattle tonight.  Always happy to talk to him, I answered the standard “How are you?” opener on autopilot with an enthusiastic, “I’m great!  How are you?”  After which there was a pregnant pause, followed by: “Really?  ‘Great?’  Because – well, I read your blog, you know…”  Remembering that Alex also follows my hijinks on Twitter, I burst into insane, cackling laughter and continued to chuckle for half an hour after we hung up.

So, no, maybe not really.  Perhaps “Great!” is a stretch.

I’m tired and cranky.  I snapped at two people today.  I don’t snap at strangers.  Ever.  Not even my immediate family, most of the time.  In my own defense, most people would’ve snapped at these particular fools, so I don’t necessarily feel it was unwarranted.  It’s just not my style, and twice in one day is a bit shocking.  The kids were in awe.

I wish I had the energy to relate my escapade at the local library this afternoon in some humorous manner, but I really don’t have it in me. All you need to know is that I left the library with the kids, empty-handed, after having suggested to the librarian that apparently my most recent trip there to renew our library cards (which has no paper trail and no one believes I conducted) had been nothing more than a “bad dream”, slapping $2.00 in quarters on the counter, and telling the kids once outside that I would never, ever be going back to that branch.  Honestly, if I took the time to share some quotes from this librarian, you’d be rolling.  I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and say that she really hates her job and has no motivation to serve customers at all, rather than what I’d like to say about her right now.

I know that readjusting to the routine after being away is hard.  It can take time.  And that when your “vacation” was more like a business trip on steroids, and your usual routine is a freaking circus on the best of days, it is going to be that much harder.  So, although I started to fear today that I might be cranky for the rest of my life – or at least this entire school year – I am pretty sure that at some point I’ll settle in.  Maybe it won’t be until after I do my first SCERTS lecture next week in Florida, or after I get my new employee’s caseload all settled, but it has to happen at some point.  Right?

But either way, I’ll try to answer that “How are you?” question with a little more honesty when asked by my friends.  And I won’t be going back to that library.  EVER.  Pinky swear.


5 responses to “Oh, the Crankiness

  1. Oy vey, Save us all from jerks in “service” positions! Sorry you had a crappy experience at the library; that would make me really angry and then sad.

    And, hey, no need to hide anything here…let it all hang out. Well, maybe not *all*… (wink)

  2. OK, you have GOT to spill about what the bitchy librarian said. No fair teasing! And I don’t think there’s a whole lot of concern that you’re gonna turn cranky on us permanently. Anyway, that’s my job.

  3. I heart you, Jordan. Pinky swear.

  4. iy yi yi, i hate the nasty people, especially shocking when they work in a LIBRARY for goodness sake! there’s one of those here in RI. she’s children’s librarian but acts like she’s aching to plop kids in her boiling cauldren hidden behind her desk.

  5. OMG.

    Spill. Now.

    Next time you’ve got a case of the crankies, try a 5 shot Americano!

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