Trail of Tears

Last night I posted a set of photos here that I took over the weekend (the full sets are here).  Drama Mama asked the following question in the comments section today:

Why is it that your children always look so insanely happy?

Well, it just so happens that there were some unhappy moments yesterday that I felt compelled to capture as well.  Although we don’t often take photos of the boys crying, I admit that we did it once or twice when they were babies, and those are some of my favorite shots because, well, they are so real.  For example, here’s poor newborn Baxter crying; I can’t remember if we added the glasses to a crying baby or if the screams were due to the horrid things on his face.  I suspect the latter:

 Pretty bad, isn’t it?

But fast forward to yesterday.  Here you go, Drama Mama…

We had the exhausted meltdown:


The mope-a-thon:

And then there’s this priceless gem:

You’re welcome.


11 responses to “Trail of Tears

  1. Oh my god. That last shot is a classic. I imagine he’s saying, “What?! No snacks?! Are you kidding me?!!”

  2. They even cry cute. Unreal!!

    Should we do a whole Meme on posting crying pics of our kids? Evil, evil parents we are.

    I got Ess crying on video today because I wouldn’t give her the camera. I’m so mean.

  3. As adorable as the smiley pictures are, I LOVE these.

    Whew. Thank God they haven’t completely drunk the Kool Aid!

    Oh- and for the record? My favorite is the last shot. I call it, “Constipation”…

  4. Ha! The last one went along with a screamed rendition of, “I left my truck in the back of my tricycle! Will you get it for me?”

  5. Oh, my. That last one is Christmas Card worthy. So many possible captions!

  6. And here I was wondering what you bribed them with to get these shots…
    Does that make me a cynic, or a cockeyed optimist?

  7. These are great! You should run a caption contest. You crack me up: “mope-a-thon” – *snort*. I could probably take a thousand pictures just like that!

  8. I love the caption contest idea, Lori! I’ll have to look thru my photos and see if I have another good one.

  9. Gotta’ love the meltdowns at the playground! Good times…sadly, I am very familiar with grumpy boys on hot summer days !

  10. THIS was totally worth *not* deleting from my 97 posts in google reader tonight! ROFL.

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