If you have been reading this blog for more than seventeen minutes, you know that I am highly amused by my 3-year old’s awesomely random sense of humor.  A recent favorite emerged when the four of us were playing in Lake Michigan earlier this summer.  I was holding Lyle, jumping him over waves, when he suddenly looked at me with a smirk and asked in a very goofy voice, “Has anybody seen a guy named Dribisssss….?”  I mean, really: HUH?!  “Dribiss?”  [Which is pronounced “Dwibisssss…” in Lyle-speak].  After making the usual round of inquiries (“Do you know where this came from?”), we were forced to agree that Lyle had made this one up.

Thanks to my raucous laughter every single time, the Dribiss question was repeated, in the same crazy manner, at least 23 times.  Lyle watched my reaction.  If I didn’t laugh quite as hard by the 23rd time, Lyle instructed bossily, “No, Mommy!  Open your mouth all the way when you laugh!”  Unfortunately, he now says it so fast that you’d never hear the individual words without an interpreter.

Well, a few weeks later, I’m still laughing about poor Dribiss.  It came up at dinner the other night and luckily, my new Flip video camera was handy.  And so, for the sake of posterity and your entertainment, I bring you “Dribisssss…” (For some reason, in Firefox this video causes my entire blog to be centered and so I will just link to it rather than embed it.)


8 responses to “Dribisss

  1. cute…is he speaking vietnamese? ..if not it might be my old old laptop…

  2. no sorry…he just says it so fast…sorry Lyle!!

    btw i love his new haircut

  3. Don’t be offended, but do you remember Pee Wee Herman?
    I’m just sayin’…

    PS How do you do the cool captions on your Flip?

  4. Well I shall just have to seek you out on U-tube in that case.
    Best wishes

  5. Oh, Lord, the boys love Pee Wee Herman! I see where you’re coming from, Drama Mama…

    The annotations are a new feature on YouTube! I’m loving it!

  6. Your two posts tonight (well, I *read* them tonight) were the perfect antidote to the funk settling in after my trip! God he’s so freaking adorable I just want to squeeze him!

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