Thanks to Susan Wagner, I have just discovered a far better way to display photos here.  It’s a Flickr application called PictoBrowser and can be found here.  For example, rather than dropping a series of photos in my post, I can pull straight from my Flickr account and give you a set:  

Better, no?

4 responses to “PictoBrowser

  1. Great pics! I’ll have to check out the feature!

  2. Neato. You. You love the technology.
    Who is the cute little girl? Total nugget.
    Your husband is a totally hot, grown-up version of the boys. Totally endearing.

  3. Thanks, DM, I think my husband is totally hot, too. 😉

    The little girl is a neighbor who happened to appear at the park that afternoon, and I couldn’t help but take a couple of pics of her – isn’t she darling? I am surrounded by the most darling, photogenic kids in this neighborhood, and I like to photograph them whenever possible.

    By the way, folks, I wouldn’t normally put up such a large album, I just chose a recent one as an example.

  4. Very cool feature indeed!

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