Hanging in there.

To say that things are wild and crazy right now would be a vast understatement.  To detail it for you would be way more information than any of you kind people need.  However, to summarize for the curious: my new hire started last week and is fantastic – her caseload is filling up fast; our clinic is completely upside down after many days of rearranging and organizing, but shows signs of things falling into place in a way that will be extremely worth the effort; we are working diligently on preparing our agenda for next week’s staff training, fine-tuning the program schedule, and completing each child’s full SCERTS Assessment Plan; Lyle’s birthday was lots of fun and I was happy to celebrate with him early this morning and again this evening; and, last but not least, Baxter’s glasses arrived today and he couldn’t be happier.

This coming weekend adds even more excitement around here.  We are organizing a huge, multi-family garage sale with another couple, with at least 50% of all proceeds (sometimes 100%) going to the Obama/Biden campaign.  The sale will last all day Saturday, and we’ll be up late on Friday pricing our items and then bringing them over to our friends’ house in preparation for the early morning start.  If you are local and you want information, head on over here for the details!  I’d love to see you there.

Because there is no rest for the weary, we will get up early on Sunday morning to get ready for Lyle’s 4th birthday party, which is from 10-12 that morning – details to come after the party!  And in case that’s not enough fun for us, my cousin will arrive from Vienna with his German girlfriend just 3 hours after the party.  We are really looking forward to hosting them for a few days before they fly out to CA to see the rest of the family.

Oh, yes, and then there’s the first day of school and staff training all week at the clinic starting Tuesday!  And I seem to recall something about a mandatory co-op meeting on the same night as a condo meeting one night next week.

Holy moly.

Somehow, though, I’m hanging in there.  Things are moving forward and going fine.  Most of the time I am not stressed about all of this, which I find rather miraculous.   And if I had been stressed after work tonight, it would have been alleviated immediately by this awesome post, in which Emily chronicles our visit with the DMFP family in San Francisco last month.  That was one seriously great time, and was a highlight of our California trip that, regrettably, I never managed to write about myself, so head on over and read it.  Emily is one of the funniest people I know and this post is a pretty hilarious summary of our mini-reunion.


3 responses to “Hanging in there.

  1. Happy birthday, Lyle! Happy glasses, Baxter! Heading over to check on Ms. DMFP…

  2. Busy, but it sounds like the good kind of busy. Hang in there!

  3. I’m funny? Ha. HA. HAAAAAA!!!!!


    We had a blast with y’all. I can type that now that I’m back in TX.

    You know, there’s good stress and there’s bad stress. I don’t know if your body knows the difference, but your mind does. I love good stress. I’m addicted to it. If they ever make it illegal, I would buy good stress on the black market. I would become a good stress drug lord…um…lady and set up on a street corner in West Baltimore. Can you tell we’ve been watching The Wire? Enjoy your busy, useful life. You do good.

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