Happy Birthday, Lyle

To my dear, sweet Lyle:

You’ve been featured here quite a lot lately, what with photos of your adorable face, stories of how beautifully you’re growing up, and videos highlighting some of our funniest moments together.   And yet there is always more to say about those we love, isn’t there?

Thank you for telling me every day that you “adore” me and never failing to remind me how much you “love spending time with [me]”.

Thank you for learning to handle your emotions so much better, and for responding more comfortably to new people and situations.  You are even seeking out unfamiliar kids in public who look like fun – without your big brother by your side, you brave little soul.

Thank you for knowing how to make your Mama laugh, many times a day.

Thank you for asking me to read all those stories to you, it makes me so happy.

Thank you for trying new things every day, and for reaching out and grabbing at your future with a twinkle in your eye.

Thank you for admitting to me that you “feel so small” so that I can help you feel bigger.  Because you are perfect just as you are – but you are getting bigger every day, sweet boy.

Thank you for being a beautiful ray of sunshine in my life and for filling in the empty spaces I didn’t know were there until you arrived, four years ago.

I couldn’t love you more.


16 responses to “Happy Birthday, Lyle

  1. Happy, happy, birthday, Lyle!! Four is good.

  2. Beautiful. And yes, happy happy birthday Lyle!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Lyle!

  4. Happy Birthday, Big Boy!

    He’s dreamy.

  5. Aw, Jordan, this is so special! Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday to your youngest wonderkid!

  6. Sounds like a remarkable kid! Hope he has an awesome day!

  7. You go, Lyle! Happiest of birthdays to you! We love you!

  8. Seriously, can he come and stay here for a while? Or can we, I don’t know, trade kids? Because yours sounds awesome.

  9. Many happy returns of the day.
    Best wishes

  10. Happy birthday, Lyle! Nice haircut!

  11. A great day for a birthday! He’s looking sooo much like his daddy.

  12. Happy Bday Lyle !!
    Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin !!

  13. Happy Birthday, Lyle!
    This post was a beautiful tribute to a little (or, not so little anymore!) boy who sounds like a wonderful little person!

  14. Three- no, wait- make that FOUR cheers! Merry, merry Lyle, and many happy returns!

  15. Happy Birthday, Lyle!
    (He already looks older than when I met him in May!)

  16. Happy birthday, little guy! I met you when you were still breastfeeding! Of course, that was California, so theoretically, you could have been four already. But you were just a baby…and now, you’re such a big boy. Cheers!

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