What Does it Mean to You?

I’d hoped to sleep until at least 6:45 this morning since I was up working and such until 11:30 last night, but no such luck.  The boys came running upstairs at 6:15.  However, after I got up to assist Mr. Little in the bathroom, I was able to sneak back into bed for a while.  Such is the reward of having older kids now.

Snuggled back into my pillow, I listened to the boys in awe.  Lyle asking Baxter, Do you want to watch the Berenstain Bears with me, Baxter? Will you set it up for me? and Baxter answering cheerfully, Okay, Lyle!  Let’s go!  Hearing them turn it off after a 15- minute DVD episode and then running together to the sunroom.  Let’s read books!   Then I heard Lyle ask Baxter, Will you go downstairs with me to get my trains? and Baxter replied, As soon as I’m done with this book.  And Lyle? We can get the trains if I can play with your new Molly.  And then Okay, Baxter! [They really do say each other’s names all the time like this.]

The delicious words MODEL CHILDREN were floating through my head, round and round, spiraling in a happy, sleepy celebration, when Matt (who somehow goes back to sleep with all of this going on outside our door) turned over and made some sounds that resembled consciousness.

They’re being MODEL CHILDREN this morning!, I exclaimed to him in a happy whisper, ready to share this long list of easy-going, loving exchanges I’d overheard.

Hm. That’s strange, he replied.  I don’t smell bacon…


6 responses to “What Does it Mean to You?

  1. Hilarious! It must be good to be that funny when you’re just waking up. I often feel funny on getting up, but not that kinda funny.

  2. And it’s probably a good thing he didn’t! LOL Model children, indeed!

  3. Having a co-worker who makes maple-bacon donuts from scratch and brings them to work for me to taste-test has apparently spoiled me for the definition of “model”. I’ll set the bar lower next time.

  4. Hilarious! My definition of “model” is much more like yours, Jordan. In fact, right now, my definition of “model children” is “not beating the crap out of each other.”

  5. All joking aside, there is something so sweet about hearing your kids co-exist and LOVE each other…

  6. I’m with Donna! I’d be afraid to write a post like that…the whole jinx thing. Hope this keeps up.

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