In Which I Bow Down to the New Teacher

The stories coming back from the first week of school make me smile wider every day.  Tidbits like, We can get a drink of water or go to the bathroom whenever we need to!, I got to play Blokus with my friends this afternoon – we have time for games on Fridays!, and I like every day even better than the day before.  At dinner, when he says what he’s grateful for, he names things about school.   Aaah, music to my ears.

And then, if only to make me happier about this first week of school, this piece of paper came home today.  The kids were asked to write a word or two describing how they felt on the first day of school and then how they felt today, noting if these were the same feelings or different feelings.  Wait!  Feelings?!  In school??  It’s enough to make a mama burst into a rousing chorus of Glory, Glory Hallelujah!  How cool is this? (See her note at the bottom.)

I dare say we’re off to a fantastic start.


9 responses to “In Which I Bow Down to the New Teacher

  1. A holistic approach to schooling?? Can I be your neighbor? Fabulous! What a great way to start the year!

  2. I’m actually shedding little tears of joy over here for you and that sweet kid. What a difference a year (and a personality!) makes!!!

  3. First of all, I’m just trying to recover from the fact that your son can spell “anxious.” Second (well, maybe this is really first), that’s a great note. I’m glad B is having such a good time at school.

    I just showed TH the pix of B from the first day and told him that B is in 3rd grade. TH is sitting here, reading what I’m typing RIGHT NOW (must…monitor…writing…), and he’s stunned that Baxter is in THIRD GRADE! How does one explain the differences in states’ attitudes to the starting age for kindergarten? Hell, I don’t even understand it. TH is still reading as I type. Maybe I should delete the h -e- double hockey sticks before he gets to…OOOOOOOH! Too late!

  4. Now that look like the start of a very promising year.
    Best wishes

  5. Yea! Perfect!

  6. I am impressed with “anxious” as well! Sounds like a great teacher and a fabulous start. Hopefully a bit different than last year’s teacher with the big ol but(t).

  7. This is awesome. Way to go, and here’s to a great year. Third grade can and should be magic.

  8. the difference a good teacher makes is amazing! Here’s to a wonderful year for Baxter!

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