Update from my Dad

Those of you who either know my father or were readers last year as he successfully fought an especially miserable form of cancer might be interested to read his most recent blog post about his recovery.

It’s really beautiful.


6 responses to “Update from my Dad

  1. That really IS beautiful.

  2. You’re right, Jordan. It is a beautiful piece. I remember when your dad wasn’t well. I think I had just starting reading your blog. Look how far we’ve all come–and how well your dad is doing. Something to be grateful for, indeed.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link–what a beautiful piece. I feel a lightness in his writing to mirror his words.

  4. Such a great post. As always, I want to print his words and pass them on to my patients: hope exists and a future is possible. So powerful!

  5. Truly inspiring. Thank you.

  6. I am so glad, Jordan. Truly, so glad.

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