Check Out this Blog

I’ve been meaning for a while to share with you a wonderful blog I have recently discovered (thanks, Stacy!).  It is called Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids and is on the Greater Good Science Center website at UC Berkeley.  The blog is written by Christine Carter, who is a mom and the executive director of GGSC.

There are so many parenting topics I am always wanting to sit down and write about, but I think Christine has already covered a great many of them on her blog, so please head over and read it…you might like “7 Ways to Foster Creativity in Your Kids” and “How to Stop Being a Perfectionist“, which are two recent entries, but I encourage you to go back and read as much as you can.  I find myself nodding vigorously and wanting to thank Christine for each and every post at this site, so it really deserves an official shout out.


2 responses to “Check Out this Blog

  1. Thanks for sharing this link! I went and had a look and there are some amazing articles there.

  2. Thanks for the info!

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