We are Family

Perhaps it was seeing the boys in their fall clothes for the first time this season, or maybe that I realized we were fairly well color coordinated (!), but something inspired me to take some photos before school today.  Now I wish I’d grabbed a neighbor to capture the four of us together.

Here are a few of my favorites (the full set is here).

And this one sums things up nicely these days:

Okay, but to be fair, there’s also a lot of this:


11 responses to “We are Family

  1. there is no cuter family.

  2. Oof. Those are some cute kids.

  3. I agree. No family I know is cuter than yours. What is it about you guys?

  4. Indeed, those boys are delicious. Happy, full of life, flat out adorable.

    This is the thing: The whole family has a bubble of joy and happiness that is so undeniable — it makes me want to say hello to you guys in a park, a cafe, in line at the store. An approachability? I dunno. I just know that these pictures filled me with joy this morning.

  5. Seriously, you guys should be modeling for the Gap or something.

  6. What a handsome family! By the way, the Lyle/anchorman story still is sending me into a fit of giggles.

  7. That Baxter is a character! Such vibrant personalities in your house! Nice to get a pic of the WonderHusband in there, too! Happy Fall!

  8. Oh! Seeing your smile made me miss you!

    And what really, really cute boys…all of them!

    Happy Fall!


  9. Wow, Wonderfriends, I’m overwhelmed by all of your kindness here. And I thought I was just posting a few cute photos…but seriously, you all know how to make a mom feel good. Thank you.

  10. I concur. Gorgeous family!

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