Things that are Not Kicking My Ass Right this Minute

1. Great teachers for both of my boys.  Their teachers get them and respect them.  When I had my parent conference with Lyle’s preschool teachers yesterday, they made me feel so at ease with his development and readiness for school next year that I wanted to kiss them.  I don’t think I realized how worried I was about how young he’ll be when he heads into kindergarten, making the cut-off by a mere 3 days.  Oh, and I know my Wonderfriends would snicker to hear that they noted how quiet he is at school, and said the best adjective to describe him would be “composed”.  You can be sure I’ll be sending them some home videos.

2.  Routine.  Blissful routine.  In a way, it doesn’t matter that your life is a little bit too hairy if, at least most of the time, you have a weekly routine to follow.  Getting it all started is overwhelming, but after a couple weeks of rushing from Point A to Point B every Wednesday night it does go more smoothly.  I always need to remember that.

3. Giving the nanny access to the measuring spoons.  By a stroke of ill fate, we ended up this year with 5 hours a week when we are paying a nanny to be at our house and sending Lyle to preschool.  Although at first this seemed like nothing short of the financial kiss of death, we eventually embraced the fact that we could ask her to do some Really Helpful Things during this time.  This week, I finally sat down ahead of schedule to choose recipes and buy ingredients so that she could make a few dinners for us.  It would be difficult to describe how wonderful this was.  Not only did we have three fabulous meals, but the leftovers were much appreciated at lunchtime.  In the end, what we’ll save by not ordering pizza will probably make up for the overlap in paid childcare.  (So, hey, Niksmom, send over that salmon recipe you gave Lori, will ya?!)

4. Maturation.  Not mine, mind you, but the boys’.  They are growing up before my eyes.  The little tykes want to help with everything.  In the past couple of days Baxter has expressed an interest in cooking on his own (we’ll start with eggs this weekend) and has begged to iron for me. (I took out the iron to press a pair of pants before my meeting last night and he was fascinated – he only sees it twice a year!)  I’m going to give him a pile of cloth napkins and placemats this weekend and let him go to town.  And Lyle?  He is demonstrating for the first time that he is capable of spending an hour entertaining himself in “quiet time” when asked, and is sometimes apologizing to me that he’d rather play with Baxter than with me.  To which I hold myself back from replying, “It’s about damn time!”

5. The Presidential Campaign.  I’m loving it.  I’m especially loving this.  And I’m really, truly loving that the experts seem to be saying that Obama/Biden are most likely going to win at this point.  Only twice now have I let myself really imagine this happening and how I’d feel, and each time I have teared up. In a big way.  I am grateful that Election Day is not a work day for me because I can already tell you that if we elect Obama and Biden, I’ll be weeping all day.  And probably for days afterward.

6. My work.  The preschool is going amazingly well and my new full-time employee is working out as beautifully as I expected.  Also, the opportunity to do another SCERTS lecture last night – local this time! – was fantastic.   Oh, and I have an accountant who knows what she is doing and is helping me immensely.



11 responses to “Things that are Not Kicking My Ass Right this Minute

  1. Oh, that map just gives me shivers.

    Irons are pretty much just as scarce around here.

    We are not in “blissful routine” mode around here, and I think someone’s going to have to commit me soon. Likely, some people are wondering why that wasn’t done long ago.

    Congrats on the great teachers! We, too, have two excellent, perfect teachers for TH and Dubya this year. It’s a special kind of happiness when you know you have that.

  2. What’s an iron? What does one do with it? 😉

    I love that electoral map, too. I spent several minutes yesterday, and again today, clicking back and forth between the present map and the one from “this day in 2004”. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

  3. That’s an awesome list! When I was a p/t nanny, I would do the kids’ laundry during naptime and it was much appreciated! Sounds like life is chugging right along! I’m guardedly optimistic as well!

  4. Amen! And, BTW, check your email. 🙂

  5. I love this update. Yes, putting it all in perspective. I hesitate, though, to count my electoral eggs before they’ve hatched. I don’t trust that sneaky team on the other side. I have a funny feeling we’re in for another wild election ride.

    Meanwhile, we do not own an iron. Or a nanny. I’m thinking I need to look into both.

  6. Wonderful update. I can send you some crockpot recipes for the nanny. 🙂 How lovely that she likes to cook!!

  7. We don’t own an iron here either. As a matter of fact, T. felt the need to share that fact with his entire Cub Scout den the other night when they got their badges to iron onto their shirts.

    G-d bless the dry cleaners!! Apparently they’re used to this sort of thing!

  8. Oops … clicked “submit” too soon ….

    Getting your nanny to cook some dinners is a brilliant use of her time! Good for you!

  9. Yay! Just what you needed – a little non-kickage of your ass. 🙂 I think I need to dust off my crockpot as well and bring it out again this fall. I agree with Kristen about the electoral map – so exciting, but…. I still remember being in Germany and staying up ALL NIGHT watching that damn map in the Gore/Bush “appointment”. I lost a lot of my optimism that night….*sigh*

  10. Sounds like things are going smoothly – you make me sick!! 🙂

    Please let me know if you’re doing another local SCERTS talk – I’d love to come.

  11. I see that you like your electoral map site, but can I recommend a better one?

    It’s done by a professional statistician whose day job is writing books about baseball stats. He takes all the polls, and has figured out what grain of salt needs to be applied to each, then cranks out an answer.

    And today he is giving McCain only a 5.9% chance of winning.

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