Well-trained Dudes


Watch out, little ladies, here come the Gordon boys…they iron, they go to the grocery store, and after unloading the food they start cookin’ up some tacos with a fake Chicago accent.  In other words, they are winning big points around here and they’re a damn good catch (sorry, the tallest one is spoken for).

Here is a link to a few minutes of domestic bliss on a Sunday afternoon.


8 responses to “Well-trained Dudes

  1. That was awesome video! Man, your two shorter dudes are going to be great catches one day! Well trained, just like my husband! (Confession: He’s a better housekeeper than I am!)

  2. Could I go ahead and reserve one of your boys for my daughter? She’s a delightful conversationalist and generous with her gifts (usually rocks, leaves, or some other bit of plant matter).

  3. They are the best! I love the way the ironing board irresistibly lures Lyle back again and again.

    We love making fun of the midwest accent over here too …

  4. Can I please come and live in your calm house?

    (sad but true)

    That accent is hysterical and SO on target.

  5. You people are too cute for words.

  6. I love it! Keep up the good work!

  7. Since Quirky Mom reserved one, can I have the other one for my daughter please 🙂

  8. aaaaaaa….yeah, re: your email, Im not..pregnant, unfortunately.
    But I made few exciting moves in life, and one of them is….I moved back to Europe 3 weeks ago. And Im really happy abou that.

    I love change, I can’t be at one place for too long. Change is my middle name 🙂

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