A Shout-Out

I need to give a shout-out here to a couple of my favorite Wonderfriends, because really cool sh*t seems to keep showing up in the mail for me these days.

First of all, there is Kristen, who writes at from here to there and back.  Kristen, whom I’ve met in person a few times now and love as much as I knew I would from reading her blog, was kind enough to mail Baxter a handful of Harry Potter forehead lightning bolt tattoos for his Halloween costume.  Her son, GP, is also dressing up as Harry Potter this year and had some extras.  Here they are:

 And then there’s the similarly thoughtful HeatherK, whose eponymous blog is also lovely and features some gorgeous photographs of her three children.  I have not met her yet, but hope to someday.  HeatherK saw the post last week about my boys learning to iron – and knew that we are huge Obama fans – and sent my kids a pair of white t-shirts and iron-on Obama logos.  Those arrived today and the boys can’t wait to get back to the iron.  They’ll wear those shirts with pride.  Here they are:

Thank you, Kristen and Heather.

And seriously.  Wonderfriends?

From the bottom of my heart: you are awesome.


3 responses to “A Shout-Out

  1. Your boys are awesome! I can imagine election night in your house will be filled with lots of excitement! My guy spits up on his version of that tee often—I’m hoping that’s not a statement about his future political leanings!

  2. Right back at you, my friend. You are the amazing one.

  3. Yay for good friends!!!

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