I Should’ve Just Gone Back to Bed

[The following transcript was edited and approved by my husband.]

7:06 AM

Me:  “Guys, you have to be quiet this morning, Daddy’s on a call to Tokyo in the office.”

Baxter: “Wow, hope he doesn’t get interrupted by Godzilla!”

Me, laughing and thinking to myself, Gee, I really don’t know anything about Godzilla, do I?  And how does he??

7:55 AM

Me: “You should’ve heard Baxter when I told him you were on a call with Tokyo!”

Matt: “Why?  What’d he say?”

Me: “He said, ‘Hope he doesn’t get interrupted by King Kong!’”

Matt, perplexed: “That’s strange…”

Me: “Oh.  There’s nothing in the King Kong story about Hong Kong?  Ooooh, wait.  I see.  He was just making a King Kong/Hong Kong rhyming connection, I guess.  Funny.”

Matt, looking at me quizzically: “Except that Hong Kong’s in China and Tokyo’s in Japan…”

Me, frustrated:  “What does that have to do with this?”

Matt: “Only that Tokyo is where I was calling.”

Me: “Oh, so I guess he didn’t say King Kong because he was rhyming.”

Matt:  “Maybe he meant Godzilla?”

Me:  “Yes!  That’s what he said.  Of course.”

Matt: “So why did he say Godzilla, if you told him I was calling Hong Kong?”

Me:  “No, no, no.  I did tell him you were calling Tokyo! I guess I must’ve confused Godzilla with King Kong.”

[And then I went to work and attempted to assist young people with communication challenges. Oh. my. God.]


9 responses to “I Should’ve Just Gone Back to Bed

  1. Well, you know, as a great man once said, “Facts are stupid things.”

  2. That is laugh out loud funny! Thanks for sharing..

  3. Considering my word finding difficulties and trouble actually paying attention to certain people (cough cough my husband), I am amazed they let me keep my job!

  4. Communication skills are highly overrated. I think.

  5. Steve and I have this conversation almost every day! 😉

  6. Is it weird that I completely followed that train?

  7. My husband is going to LOVE this. Mostly because I’ve given our son the same kind of horrible misinformation about Godzilla, too!

  8. LOL at DM’s comment b/c, well, ahem, I actually had to read it outloud to my husband to get it! D’oh!

  9. Welcome to the next 35 years of your married life…

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