Halloween 2008

It was a wild Halloween, Wonderfriends.

For me, it started in the morning, when we threw a Halloween party for the kids in our preschool program.  We invited parents and siblings to come for the last 45 minutes of the day and had the most wonderful little bash, which culminated in the kids requesting their favorite songs from Circle Time and teaching their moves to their families.  We had a big, happy, laughing dance party: kids, sibs, teachers, parents, nannies.  It was loud, we had lights flashing, the place was decorated, the staff and kids were in costumes, and we plied them with absolutely delicious gluten-free/casein-free/egg-free cupcakes made by one of the moms (let me know if you want that recipe!).  And where was the dysregulation, exactly?  We aren’t sure, but it was nothing short of beautiful how well the kids handled everything.  A successful end to the second month of the program for all of us.  I wish I could post photos of the kids – they are so adorable!

After our staff meeting, where we sat around marveling over how well our charges are doing, I ran over to Baxter’s school where I helped out at their class party.  This is such a rare opportunity for me, but I seem to manage to make it to the Halloween party because my clients don’t mind me canceling sessions on Halloween afternoon each year.  Baxter was so excited to have me there that he’d worked for two days on mapping out a seating chart so that I’d know where to expect everyone to be sitting.  Which was extremely cute, but hard to follow since they were all in costume by the time I got there, and milling about out of their seats.  I snapped a couple of iPhone pictures, which prompted kids to come running up to me asking if I had an iPhone or an iPod Touch, and telling me exactly who else they knew who had one. “My Uncle Frank has one of those! You touch the screen!” said one kid to another.  The other kid said, “Yeah, I got one, too!” and ran off.  Alrighty.



Baxter and I headed home after school, which meant I was home a full two hours earlier than usual.  Thankfully, Lyle had been convinced to take a nap, so he was energetic and ready to party!  We visited with our condo neighbors for a little while and then headed out to Halloween Central, our friends’ neighborhood that’s just a couple miles away and filled with lovely single family houses and families who seem to live for Halloween and know just how to do it.  We trick-or-treated with them and then had a blast at the party at their house afterward with some really great families, where the kids ran wild in the dark backyard with glow sticks and the adults drank wine and discussed politics, raising urban chickens, raw food, and education. (Definitely not Real America.)  It felt for all the world like a gathering in San Francisco. Except for the hot dogs, which were a yummy reminder that we were, in fact, in Chicago.  Here are some photos from our evening out.

Harry Potter and the Monkey, at home:

The whole gang, ready to trick-or-treat: 

 Two of Baxter’s best friends, identical twins, went as bride and groom!

One of my favorite decorated houses:

Tired little guys get to ride in the Just Married wagon:

If you are related to me or simply procrastinating like nobody’s business, here are the rest of my Halloween 2008 pictures.

6 responses to “Halloween 2008

  1. What a fun day. And your Harry Potter was adorable (must have been the lightening bolt tattoo. Which, by the way, tips for removing??!!)

    I am so glad to hear how well the preschool program is going. You do good, my friend, more than you can ever know.

  2. OMG, that looks like the quintessential Halloween! I want to move to *your* neighborhood! (Well, ok, except for the whole really, really cold winter thing whic, well…um, nope.)

    Can you post the cupcake recipe? I bet lots of us would like it!

  3. Kristen, I have no idea how to remove that lightening bolt tattoo! Seems like they usually wash off gradually, but it looks like it’ll take a few showers! Thanks again for sending it, I love that GP and Baxter had the same robe and tattoo!

    Niksmom, I will do my best to get that recipe and post it. I just emailed the mom who makes them.

  4. Great pictures — I love the bride & groom. Such a fun idea!

  5. Kia (Good Enough Mama)

    It looks like tonnes of fun was had by all! 🙂

  6. Sounds like a great day. We have conversations about things like raising chickens in our backyard, too. BTW, do you know about the Family Farmed Event at the Chicago Cultural Center Nov. 21-23. I went two years ago; it was pretty interesting.

    I love the cute pics! I was surprised to see the hobo. That was always the default costume when we were kids, but I didn’t know people still did it.

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