Entering Middle Childhood – Almost

The bin with the blue lid that has sat atop the art cabinet for the past year and a half caught my eye today.  It is chock full of quintessential children’s music: Sesame Street, Ella Jenkins, Dan Zanes, Justin Roberts, Music Together class cd’s, and local artist “Miss Kitty” from San Francisco.  The bin hasn’t been opened since we moved to this house.  I suppose we’ve bought new music in the meantime and haven’t thought about the old stuff.

Baxter, who has the day off from school, dove into the bin immediately and with great enthusiasm.  Wow, my old Sesame Street cd! Here’s Miss Kitty – it has “I’m So Big I Sit on the Potty” on it!  Can we put it on?  In consternation, I found myself putting on music I hadn’t heard in years and that Lyle had never heard.  My almost-8 year old sat on the bed in the playroom, glued to the little cd player, eyes wide.  Listening to songs that encouraged him to sit on the potty when he was 3 years old and that we had on constant repetition while went about our old life in San Francisco.

I too was transported.  I felt for all the world like I was in our flat on 16th Avenue in San Francisco, with the sun coming in those huge front windows in our living room and creating enormous rectangles on the gleaming wood floors.  With my one young child, I played Little People and dinosaurs and acted out his story The Too Tall Tree, and read what felt like thousands of books each day, and later prepared to welcome a second child into our lives.

Baxter asked me to put on the Sesame Street cd while we ate lunch today.  He listened, rapt, and became thoroughly excited about each song as it came on.  Mommy, is this the cd with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and Elmo’s World on it, too? Oh, I remember this one! I love this one!  This from the child who last week could’ve been hired by MSNBC as its newest left-leaning pundit, waving his electoral map with confidence and seeming more 17 than 7.

He sits in the sun room now, reading Pokemon and humming a Sesame Street tune.  Caught between the worlds of the very young child and the much older child who is right around the corner.  I like it here; I don’t mind staying a while.


5 responses to “Entering Middle Childhood – Almost

  1. So sweet, really. That Baxter is just a wonderful little person. I am excited to see where he ends up.

    Although I have to add that I am totally envious of your ability to write a post like this with two kids home from school! I have been home today with my two boys and am only now catching up on READING blogs as they are watching Peter Pan. 🙂 You rock!

  2. Simply beautiful. Such an interesting juxtaposition of the little boy and the not-quite-young-man. 🙂

  3. We are in this place also, although I feel like Scott is already a teenager. It is nice when they have an excuse to be the little kid, be it that their younger sibling is watching Dora or that they find a book they once loved.

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