Dear Baxter,

You asked for “a haircut” and “good marks on [your] report card” for your birthday.  Your fascination with the political process in general and the electoral college in particular has been heartening this year as we consider all that you have to offer the world as you grow up.  You have lots of good friends and are liked and appreciated by adults and children.  The way you seek out babies and toddlers and play so joyfully with them, even when kids your age are waiting for you to play, makes your kid-loving mama so happy.

When you got your flu shot yesterday, you actually got out of the car to go into the pediatrician’s office.  You also read your book until the last possible second without making a fuss.  Okay, so maybe I had to lift you up a bit to get you to sit on that table, but at least the nurse didn’t have to pick you up from the floor by your pants this year, giving you a wedgie. On our way into the office, you reminded me that the wedgie was a lot worse than the shot itself back when you were six.

And that’s just it.  You aren’t six anymore, or even seven.  Today you are eight.  That’s a pretty big number, Baxter.

Eight years ago you were born and I became a mother.   You are an incredibly loving, sweet, curious and earnest child.  I have loved these years of your early boyhood and recognize that you are on the verge of older childhood. This year will bring growth and much change for you once again, but I know that the essential you-ness will always be there.  And that’s all I need.

Happy Birthday, my 8-year old.  I love you.


15 responses to “Dear Baxter,

  1. Happy Birthday, Baxter! And happy day you became a mom to you, Jordan! He sure does look grown-up.

  2. He’s amazing! And you, too, mom!! Happy birthday to both of you…

    Much love, your fan club from NY

  3. Happy Birthday, Baxter! Here’s hoping for that haircut, the good grades…and so many more wonderful things to come your way! And congratulations on such a good job at the doctor yesterday, too! A true sign of maturity. 🙂

    All the best from Nik and his mom. xo

  4. It’s a pretty big number, indeed. Happy birthday, Baxter.

  5. Big, indeed. Happy birthday, young man! We all send our best wishes.

  6. Next year on his birthday, I am giving B. a you know what.

  7. Happy Birthday big guy!

  8. Happy Birthday to a pretty amazing kid!

  9. Happy Birthday to YOU, Baxter! And happy Momiversary to you, Jordan! Baxter, you are wonderful, and we wish you many happy returns of the day. And good job with that flu shot. It takes courage!
    xoxo from the South Side

  10. I wish I could get my kids to ask for haircuts and good grades for their birthdays. He sounds like a fantastic kid. Happy Birthday to him!

  11. Happy birthday to Baxter! May his day be joyful and may his year be wedgie-free.

  12. Happy birthday, Baxter. I hope you are reading this years from now so you’ll know how much your mom loves you.

    Great post, as always, Jordan. You are a great mom and I wish our families were just down the block from each other instead of halfway across a continent.

    much love,

  13. Happy Birthday to you both!!!

  14. Whoah -eight years old! Now that’s a magic number. I didn’t even recognize him in the first picture – what a big guy! He’s lucky to have such a wonderful mom.

  15. Oh, look at that little punim.

    He shimmers.

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