Christmas Review, Abridged

This Christmas, Wonderfriends?  This Christmas has been indescribable.  There have been parties big and small at our house, a fire in the fireplace almost every day, grandparents visiting (and even overlapping for one lovely dinner), three different kinds of delicious homemade soup and umpteen Christmas cookies baked and consumed.  And so much more.  Too much, really.

In fact, I won’t even try to tell you all about it because its day-after-day shimmering fabulousness might make you a little bit ill and you might never return, and that’s worse than not sharing my magical Christmas.  I know that not all Christmases are like this.  Not all of mine have been or will be, and some of you didn’t have the Christmas you were wishing for this year.  But this was a really, really remarkable one for the Wonderfamily, and that’s all there is to it.  The only things I will say are that a) staying home for Christmas makes a huge difference in one’s stress level and enjoyment of the holiday, and b) making absolutely no plans during a 4-day visit with one’s parents is highly recommended.  My kids have been in their pajamas all day for 80% of the winter break so far.  So much of the fun for our clan comes out of reduced expectations and plans.  But there I go saying too much.

So I’ll drop in a few photos here and tell you that there is a full set here, but if you had a lousy holiday, skip ’em  or you’ll wind up feeling like you just ate eleventy million sugar cookies what with all the sweetness.






7 responses to “Christmas Review, Abridged

  1. Sounds much like ours — give or take a few grandparents/aunts/uncles — bliss!

  2. Never too sweet, dear friend. More is more. Revel in it. I am.

  3. Never too sweet, my friend. I’m so glad you and your family had such a lovely time… I think we may be knocking on your door next year. Will you adopt us?

  4. I’m with Kristen and Drama Mama: Not too sweet, just Wonder-full! May all your Christmases be as merry!

  5. I kind of have a sweet tooth when it comes to your guys anyway! 😉 I’ll consume my fill and know that your holiday was perfect for your family. And who can resist the smiles on those faces…including yours! So glad it was a delight for everyone.

    FWIW, I think the tip about reducing expectations is very good.

  6. Looks wonderful! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. Looks like a lovely Christmas!

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