Happy New Year!

It seems that after such a picture-perfect Christmas, it would have been impossible for our New Year’s to have been equally full of fabulousness, doesn’t it?  And yet it was.

We invited some really good friends (an old college friend who lives here in Chicago and her husband and two boys) to come spend New Year’s Eve with us and to sleep over.  Wonderfriends, I cannot recommend the family sleepover on New Year’s Eve (or any old time, really!) enough.   Our four kids always have a fantastic time together and were off and running for hours and hours, and the sleepover part of the deal works because no one has to pack up and drive home out on the roads with all the crazy party people.  And the house party can just go on for hours!

So here’s the rundown –  after lots of snacks and Wii game time with the kids, we made homemade pizzas for dinner (and Shirley Temples for the kids), serving dinner at a very late 8pm.


The kids took off and played some more, and around 10pm we started Horton Hears a Who downstairs with the idea that we’d go chat upstairs, but the adults ended up watching most of the movie with the kids because it’s a great one and the kids looked so absolutely adorable that we couldn’t tear ourselves away.

We had hopes of putting the kids to bed at 11pm if they were still up, but suddenly realized we hadn’t served the dessert we had promised.  So 11pm actually found us plying the four kids with brownie sundaes, complete with chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and M&Ms (thanks, Cara!).

What we did not realize until last night is that an 11pm dessert-fest might result in the spectacle of four boys standing on their dining room table bench, shaking their little booties, while their parents laughed uproariously.  (And this would be a really good time to clarify that there was really very little drinking last night and definitely no inebriation.  Just sugar highs and a fun-loving attitude on the part of all four parents.)  There is a video of this show and I will try to share it with you when I receive it – it’s priceless.


Once the kiddos were asleep, we convened in the living room to enjoy a borrowed Wii American Idol game.  Matt got us started in a most theatrical manner (which should surprise no one).  Each of us hit Platinum at least once; we had Paula, Simon, and Randy eating out of the palms of our hands.  Again, there were a lot of hysterics.

Although we were up far beyond our bedtimes, the kids deemed it necessary to wake up at their normal hour.  However, we pulled it together to make a big breakfast of eggs, fruit salad, biscuits, sausages, and mimosas.  Oh, and a lot of coffee.  Our friends ended up staying until late in the afternoon today, at which point the boys took naps.  It was a wonderful time.

Happy New Year, everyone!  [Tomorrow: Resolutions!]

5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, wonderful friend!

  2. Happy New Year! I can just feel the energy in those pics! You’re giving me so many great ideas and so much to look forward to when my bunch is a bit older. What a way to ring in the new year!

  3. Can’t wait to see the video – the photos are fabulous!

    Happy New Year!

  4. JORDAN! This was really one of the best NYEs we’ve had, bar none! I think the number of times one laughs until one cries just HAS to count for something! 🙂 Thanks again for hosting. Your family being here in Chicago is one of the things our family is most grateful for – in 2008 and beyond! xoxo!

  5. And that Shirley Temple pictured above was MINE. Er…I was embracing my inner child?

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