Last year at this time, I resolved to get more sleep in 2008.  Not quite remembering how much sleep I was getting in 2007 (probably because of the tired, blurry haze surrounding it) I am not altogether sure that I achieved it.  However, I don’t feel that I’m lacking sleep in particular, so let’s say I improved upon it – that, or I simply got used to the sleep that seemed unsatisfactory in 2007, which is also a distinct possibility.

There are a few things on my resolutions list this year.  I’ll share them here so that in a year I can come back and not remember if I’ve achieved those, either:

1.  Thank you notes – I am a very grateful person.  I swear this to you.  But I cannot seem to get a thank you note out the door to save my life.  At this point, there aren’t too many that I feel I need to send as an adult when I can make a call or send a special email note to thank people, but I do feel that I need to teach the kids to do them.  I almost got them out after Lyle’s birthday party – I even had him write the word “THANKS” on a piece of paper, scanned it in and made cards out of the pages, enough for all of his gifts.  And then did I find the time again to sit down and write them?  No. I finally gave up on them around the time of Baxter’s birthday, three months later.  I managed to work with Baxter to send a few critical ones before we ran into the holidays.  If you have a good solution to kids’ thank you notes, I’m all ears.

2. Call My Grandparents – As I have mentioned, I am fortunate enough to still have all of my grandparents  living on their own.  Some of them even love to talk on the phone.  I am well aware that as soon as I lose one of them, I will be acutely aware of how infrequently I managed to call them to say hello and chat.  It can be tricky with some on the East Coast and one on the West Coast but I should be able to work around the time zones, it’s just not that hard.

3. Health and Well-Being – I was determined to improve this before the holidays and now I’m desperate to do so.  I’ve already used my Wii My Fitness Coach program four times this week, getting up early in the morning to do a seriously challenging aerobics workout in my living room.  I love it!  I was already going to the gym very early in the morning, so I don’t mind setting my alarm and getting up to exercise; what’s amazing for me is just walking into the living room instead of going out into the cold, dark morning to drive to the gym.   I’ll still go to the gym for Tuesday yoga and to do a weekly cardio work out with my friend, but I can add the home workout on the off-days and be quite happy.  Further, Matt and I have cleared the cookies and pie out of the kitchen and are embarking on a hard-core food plan tomorrow.  I don’t plan to report on this here, but if you want to know what we’re doing and how it’s going, feel free to email me.  Suffice it to say, our fridge is seriously packed with produce.

So there you have it: the Big Three.  What’s on your list this year?


4 responses to “Resolute.

  1. Um, my three would be:
    1. Get to the bottom of/resolve/mitigate Nik’s unrelenting mystery pain in his head
    2. Survive the process of #1 (Seriously!)
    3. Get back into the habit of working out/eating better and encourage husband to do the same.

    On the Thank You’s…seems the teaching of the skill (and understanding its necessity) is most important and that “pretty words” can come later, yes? When you address the invitations to the party, try addressing the envelopes for the thank you’s at the same time. Next, use boilerplate language that the boys could write in advance, such as “Dear (name), Thank you for coming to my party. I hope you had a good time. I am glad you came. (signature)” Believe me, the parents & kids who get these will be thrilled to have gotten *anything* —I don’t think they will be looking for mention of a specific gift item (yet); that part can come as the boys get older.

    Great way to practice them developing their own words/style is to have them start w/thank you’s to grandparents (very forgiving & appreciative audience!).

    My sister never took the time to teach her daughters (now 17 & 19) and it is not terribly fun to give them things they don’t acknowledge receiving. 😦

  2. Happy New Year, Jordan!

    Your resolutions sound so achievable. I really only have one resolution and I’m not even formally calling it a resolution. But I want to spend less time on the computer and more time working on the house. I generally let house projects suffer at the expense of computer time. It’s not just blogging as I’m not that frequent, but it’s paying bills and working on other projects. I need to simplify some of my work so I get it done faster.

    Hey, maybe I’ll write a post about it. If it’s not too boring!

  3. We handmade thank-you cards this year by cutting pictures from nature magazines and gluing them onto colored paper. Anya took this to be a craft project, and spent a fair amount of time on it over our winter break, sometimes while I napped or cooked dinner. I showed her how to do one and she took it over from there. She also very, very carefully signed her name on each card, in cursive. I sort of felt that the hard work she put into hand-making each card was like a “thank you” in and of itself, so I only spent a few minutes jotting down a brief message on each card, mostly saying “thanks” “love you” and “happy new year!”

  4. These are fabulous resolutions. Showing thanks more if one of mine!

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