Overheard from Pokemon World

Baxter and Lyle are sitting on a chair together in the living room, facing the TV.  Baxter is playing his new Pokemon video game; Lyle likes to watch all the battles.  [This is probably where I should insert a formal apology to his preschool teachers.]  He never asks to play, and doesn’t seem to care to, but he loves to watch and discuss what moves Baxter’s making.

Baxter just asked Lyle, “Want to see me do a hard battle?  One that I’ll lose?”

Lyle, a little too quickly: “Yes!”

Baxter, incredulous: “Are you SURE?  One that I’ll LOSE??”

Lyle, equally fast: “YES!”

Could there be a greater pleasure for a younger sibling?


3 responses to “Overheard from Pokemon World

  1. As the younger of two sisters, I can affirm that no, indeed there is no greater pleasure. LOL!

  2. such a familiar scenario……. 🙂
    Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia and Wii Pokemon Battle Revolution were the winners around here this Christmas…

  3. Hilarious! I can completely hear that conversation happening in our house.

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