Mama’s Little Dreamboat





Matt says his head is too big to model, but I look at these and think we’re missing out – Lyle’s face could be the ticket to all of our financial challenges!!


13 responses to “Mama’s Little Dreamboat

  1. Don’t listen to Matt! I’d buy *anything* from your adorable sons! (Well, almost…)

  2. That top one is my fave! His personality shines through.

  3. I think its a little less about the size of his head, and a little more about you not being a stage mother! 🙂 He’s adorable nonetheless!

  4. Actually, I think you’re right. He looks like quite the charmer.

  5. You know, George Clooney has a big head, and Cary Grant did, too. But then, that’s probably just the Grandma in me talking. (Also, I think most kids’s head are too small!)

  6. What the he$$ kind of father is Matt, saying that about his kid!
    Let me tell you.
    That kid is cute.
    Like Baby-Gap-Land-of-Nod-I-could-model-for-Gymboree-cute.
    Find him an agent.
    And re-title this as, “Mama’s Lil’ Moneymaker”!

  7. My SIL’s kids are child models & although they are cute, I could NEVER do what my SIL does. She thinks it is fun, but can you say, boooring: waiting around, hoping they don’t have a meltdown, all that primping, blech!

    Anyway, am making sure Jane doesn’t see these photos until they are both a little older b/c I’ll bet she’d have a big crush on him! Maybe, some day, we can all be family.

  8. Okay, okay, even though drama mama’s comment made me laugh for about 5 minutes straight, I am just kidding here. There is nothing about child modeling that appeals to me personally, aside from the black hole in our checking account that it might help fill. Totally a joke, the modeling. He does happen to be a handsome little bugger and I was pleased with the new camera lens I was using that morning.

    But someday, if he bothers to sit down and read all of this, I’m sure Lyle will appreciate the compliments, and – of course – so do I.

  9. They’re all cute, but that first one is AMAZING! What an adorable guy!

  10. Such a cutie – I agree that the first one is my favorite. He has such an expressive face!

  11. Most def – exploit those good looks for all they’re worth!

  12. However do you get him to sit still whilst you apply the eyelash glue??

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