New Spin-off: Wondermama 2.0

I am in the midst of a project to separate some of the content on The Wonderwheel.  Most exciting to me is the new professional blog that I am creating right now, and that will be unveiled after my fantastic design team has worked its magic over there.

But for tonight, I will share a very small spin-off blog called Wondermama 2.0, where I will post technology-related information for the busy mom.  For now there is old content from this blog up there, just to get it started.  It won’t be as active as the other two, but I hope to post a little something now and again over there.

(And I really like the new header!)



2 responses to “New Spin-off: Wondermama 2.0

  1. Kimberly Daniels August

    Wow – you are a busy woman! I too love the look of Wondermama! – Kimberly

  2. Thanks, Kimberly!! You’ll probably recognize it as the work of Beegee. 😉 Hope you guys are doing well, I was thinking of you a lot, just today!

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