When the Cat’s Away

Splainin' me somethin'As I was spending some nice time with Lyle this evening – the child who has been upset for a week about my upcoming weekend trip – I said, “Boy, I’m really going to miss you when I go to Seattle in a couple days.  What should we do when we miss each other? Do you think you’d talk to me on the phone if I called you?”

“Weeeeellll,” he said dramatically, “we’ll be having Special Daddy Time™ so we might not be able to hear the phone ring in McDonald’s.”


6 responses to “When the Cat’s Away

  1. Yep. The kid’s got a point.

  2. Wellll-lllll, the way things are going around here right now, they’ll be lucky if they can hear the phone over the sound of their own sobbing about another meal of cold beans and broccoli.

  3. That’s classic! One time when Scott was little, he pointed at the smoke detector & said, “when this goes off, dinner is ready.” That would be when Mommy cooks.

  4. Best. Post. Ever.

  5. Um, that is totally awesome.

  6. The huz couldn’t stop laughing. He said he knows this is going to happen at our house one day. (He’s right.)

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