Flinty Days


I’m loving this quote from PRESIDENT Obama in today’s Mobile News Network (thanks, Kristen!):

The weather gave President Barack Obama a chance to rib his new hometown on its winter weather wimpiness.

“Can I make a comment that is unrelated to the economy, very quickly?” the new president told reporters at a gathering with business leaders. “And it has to do with Washington. My children’s school was canceled today. Because of what? Some ice?”

The president said he wasn’t the only incredulous one.

“As my children pointed out, in Chicago, school is never canceled,” Obama said to laughter. “In fact, my 7-year-old pointed out that you’d go outside for recess. You wouldn’t even stay indoors. So, I don’t know. We’re going to have to try to apply some flinty Chicago toughness.”

Flinty, indeed.


8 responses to “Flinty Days

  1. Indeed. Knew you’d get a kick out of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Had never heard of the term, though I agree! If they forecast an inch of snow here, there’s at least a two hour delay.

  3. wow… I’d heard about snow days. I grew up in Norway and if school closed for snow or ice, we’d have stopped attending school in late October and started again sometime in April ๐Ÿ™‚ (Actually….. I think as a child, I would have loved that!)

  4. i need me some flinty!

  5. All y’all Chicagoans are stoked about this comment and all of DC is up in arms and angry about it.

    I agree with you.

  6. He’s right. Then again, he’s also the guy who keeps the Oval Office warm enough to grow orchids in, according to Axelrod.

  7. I love him. I love, love, love him and his rolled up sleeves and yes, even his occasional smokes, and his Chicago flintiness.

  8. I loved this comment too, but I can see how DC-ites might be kinda pissed about it. Even more so if it’s true.

    I was surprised how often they cancelled school when I lived out in Northern Maine, considering how familiar with snow and cold they should be.

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