I am always fascinated to see Lyle walking around in Baxter’s old clothes.  Certainly the baby and toddler clothes have brought back memories of specific outings or holidays, but those were worn for such a short period of time.  For me, it’s the preschool clothes, the ones that were worn for a longer while, that take me by surprise.  Take this coat, for example – the coat not only reminds us strongly of Baxter’s preschool years but of the change in climate we took on when we moved here from San Francisco.

At Christmas just after Baxter turned 3 years old, I bought him this hanna andersson coat.  We didn’t normally have to buy something so warm – fleece jackets and raincoats would do – but we were going to Yosemite that January to celebrate my Dad’s 60th birthday, and so we all invested in warmer gear.  Since we wouldn’t need it that often, I bought it rather big so that he’d get some wear out of it, and indeed, he wore it through three winters; you can see how roomy it was!  It was handy for our trips out here to Chicago to visit Matt’s family in the cold months, and he wore it on the very coldest Bay Area days, when the temps dipped down into the 40s.

Here he is wearing it at Yosemite in January 2004 (I was pregnant with Lyle at the time):


After one of the coldest Januarys on record here in Chicago, we had an amazingly warm day yesterday.  The thermometer hit 58 – in February!  I pulled the old coat out of the closet for Lyle for the first time, having found it in a bin in the depths of winter, and he wore it happily.

The coat that for Baxter was only for the coldest winter days now symbolizes the thrill of early spring for Lyle.  It’s hard to believe it’s the same item of clothing.

Here’s Lyle in the same coat in February 2009:



3 responses to “Hand-Me-Downs

  1. Love it! My girls are able to share a lot and Henry gets his hand-me-downs from my nephew!

    That top pic makes me want to go to Yosemite. This year my dad is going skydiving for his 60th. I will NOT be joining him!

  2. as always, those boys are precious!!!

    that must be wild–seeing the same outfits on your younger child! it DOES look like a different coat.

    we had a warm day here yesterday, too. it made me long even more for spring!

  3. I loved seeing that jacket again – remembering making a snowman with Baxter at Yosemite (it was really an iceman) and loving how cute Lyle looks in it now! It’s become the perfect jacket to bring to California in the winter. We’re having a “cold” week with temps in the 40’s. Please don’t tell Obama!

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