We do periodic video chats over Skype with my parents in California and they’re a lot of fun. (The chats and my parents.)  It’s mainly between my parents and the boys, and they all enjoy seeing one another and having a little conversation.  I use the term “conversation” lightly, because Baxter and Lyle are rather preoccupied with the fact that they can also see themselves in a small box in the corner of the screen and entertain themselves by making faces much of the time.

A bit frustrated by this, I attempted to prepare them in advance this last time, reminding them that the point was to talk to their grandparents and listen to what they had to say, and not to spend the whole time making crazy faces.   This didn’t go so well, in so far as they completely ignored my little pep talk.

However, I was reminded pretty quickly that they come by these things naturally; I managed to capture a few shots of my Dad making faces right back, much to all of our amusement, including my Mom’s:




It all comes down to genetics, really.


10 responses to “Genetics

  1. LOL! That’s some good funny face form by the wondergranddad. And, what, was your mother like 12 when she had you?

  2. Ah, you’re onto my mother. She doesn’t age. We should all be so lucky.

  3. I liked your pep talk and was delighted to see the total disregard for said pep talk. It did my heart good! What goes around, comes around.

  4. LOL. I think I adore your parents almost as much as I do your boys! Can I adopt them? 😉

  5. Ah, the wonderfamily!! Good times all around!!!

  6. that is a RIOT!

  7. That is hilarious. It took a long, hard look at picture #3 to realize that you dad does NOT, in fact, have his finger all the way up his nose. 🙂

  8. HA! So brilliant! Well played, Jodie.

  9. Well done Jordan! That guy has made me laugh for soooo long! It was one of those crazy faces that he did back in high school study hall that first got my attention – and I love seeing you and the boys continue in style!

    PS Before you knew that we were connected we got to hear the whole “pep talk” – it was a great effort but genetics did win out!

  10. You know you’ll be doing the same thing to YOUR grandchildren and B & L will be annoyed with you. 🙂

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