Not only did he happily agree to paint Lyle’s toenails bright red…



But he read him an Elephant and Piggy book while they dried…


And then applied a coat of Quick Dry.


Making him the world’s best dad for these little boys all over again.


6 responses to “Swoon

  1. That Matt, he’s a keeper! 🙂 And I LOVE that Lyle wanted his nails painted in the first place!

  2. Yeah.. But what about the Pokemon sticker book?? : ) I love this, and I have to say I saw it coming on Saturday when Claire showed off those pretty pink fingernails. Who could resist!

  3. kyraanderson

    that is ADORABLE!!! i remember when fluffy wanted red toes, just like his mom. dave was fine with it but oddly, he wouldn’t agree to having his own toes painted to match.

  4. That IS swoon-worthy. Any man who even knows what quick-dry is is OK by me.

  5. I “heart” Matt. But you both know that already.

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