Why I Blog

Thanks to my years of boring you all with the ridiculous minutiae of our lives blogging, I have at my fingertips a vast treasure trove of “when you were little” stories for the boys.

Tonight, for the first time, I crawled into each of their beds for our good-night cuddle and told them this story, the one about the day when little kindergartner Baxter asked the big boys on the playground if he could borrow their basketball for his baby brother. (Go read it – it’s amazing.)

The telling left Lyle a big bundle of gratitude for his brother; he hugged himself under the covers and asked, “Will you tell me that story again and again and again all night?” Later he ran to his brother’s bed, crawled in, and asked sweetly, “Do you love me, Baxter?”

As for Baxter, hearing this story for the first time left his eyes shining in the dark at the very thought of his own bravery and kindness. His church class had been discussing the concept of “compassion” with a Buddhist guest today, and I suggested that this was one of his early acts of compassion. He was incredibly proud to hear about it.

I’d have never in a million years remembered that story in such detail if I hadn’t written it down that day.  I’m so happy to have all of these memories preserved.


8 responses to “Why I Blog

  1. Love it! Your boys are an amazing. I have the archive file of my old blog started when my oldest was a few months old. I treasure it and no longer joke about ‘blog as baby book’–it is what it is and the level of detail would never have happened with just pen and paper!

  2. It IS a great story!! And those are two awesomely adorable boys!!

  3. That is a fab story. I love Baxter’s independence. And how special that you have that to share with them now. I just love the whole shebang – this post and the other one too.

  4. And the boys will appreciate having an account of their lives, when they are parents (as will their kids).

  5. Have to say, that’s my biggest excuse for blogging, too. I know I wouldn’t sit down and type these things up with the relative regularity with which I do it blogging.

  6. I adore how much your boys love each other. This kind of gave me a lump in my throat as I thought about the special sibling relationship Nik won’t have. But he’ll have many people to light the way for him, I know.

  7. You have completely captured a huge part of why I blog as well. When I reread old posts, I am astounded by how much I don’t remember. And how wonderful to not just have the two-line, this is what happened at the park one day, but the whole shiny story. Fantastic!

  8. And I just read the post about the ball, and you’re right, it IS amazing. What a great big brother. 🙂

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