Just a Day at the Spa

I looked forward to this day with great anticipation all week.  After all, Lyle would be at a friend’s house and would go to school with him in the afternoon, giving me 4 solid hours to myself.  Long ago, I’d scheduled a haircut and a brow wax for this fabulous block of time and just yesterday I had realized that I could add a much-needed pedicure right before the wax and was able to get an appointment.

SCORE! Spa Day for me!

Mothers everywhere will be able to relate to the way this day actually went.  It was something like this:

Drop Lyle off at his friend’s house 5 minutes late and then run a pair of jeans from the child’s dad (who was hosting Lyle) over to the mom, who was at work a couple blocks away.  Race like a bat out of hell to the pedicure appointment, and get my quarter stuck in the meter, requiring me to re-park on top of being late.  Let the nail lady talk me into adding a manicure for just $5 more and believe her when she says it won’t add more time to the appointment.

Enjoy a mani-pedi and then start with the wax guru 15 minutes late (of course, because we all know that a manicure actually does take time).  Leave the little day spa half an hour later than expected, necessitating that I bag the idea of lunch and a little work at my favorite coffee shop before the haircut.  Instead, drive like crazy to the neighborhood where the hair salon is,  grab a yogurt and coffee at Starbucks, and then dash over to the salon.

Discover that the hair stylist is either 15 minutes late or has the wrong appointment time, leading to a stress attack on my part about being on time to pick the kids up at school while she enjoys playing with my hair and chatting.  This is all extremely enjoyable when it starts 15 minutes earlier.

Fly over to the elementary school and make it just in the nick of time to pick up all the third graders.  Swing by Walgreens to drop off prescriptions on the way to the preschool pick-up and make it to the preschool with about 30 seconds to spare.  Hand the other 3rd graders over to their parents and pick up Lyle.

Run to the grocery store for a “quick trip” that takes an hour because they are with me, and then dash home for homework and dinner.  When Baxter proves to me that he really does only have a bit of homework tonight (hooray! no hour-long homework assistance!), I let them watch Lyle’s favorite Winnie the Pooh Christmas video while I chill out.

Reading on my bed for half an hour (can’t remember the last time I read something before 10:30 at night!), I wonder, “How could I feel so exhausted after my SPA DAY? ”



5 responses to “Just a Day at the Spa

  1. Oh, I feel your pain, my friend. So next time…just say NO to the pants drop off. Because, really, *that* was the thing that threw the timing. 😉

  2. Yeah, that extra 90 seconds killed me! 😉

  3. I feel you, sister.

    Beauty is hard work.

  4. Relaxing just doesn’t seem to exist anymore, does it?

  5. Been there.
    Parenthood means redefining things like “stress,” “relaxation,” “sleep through the night,” “time to myself,” and “busy.”

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