Spring Break ’09 Kick-Off

I haven’t posted here in a while, although that’s not for any lack of things to say.  Life has been busy and productive and good and I’m getting more sleep rather than staying up too late writing blog posts.  Unfortunately, I’m also sleeping as late as I possibly can every day, which means I’m well-rested but not necessarily working out early in the morning too often right now.

Unfortunately, whoever said you can’t have it all was absolutely right.

All this is to say that I’m thinking about blogging more often; I miss it.

And also, I’m leaving with the boys at the ass-crack of dawn tomorrow to start our mini-pilgrimage to Springfield, Massachusetts to see my awesome grandparents (these grandparents). My mother is there already, having flown in from California, and so there will be four generations of us together for a couple days, including my 38th birthday on Monday. How fun is that, to spend a birthday with my kids, my mom, and my grandparents?  The eldest two in the crowd will be hollering because one never has his hearing aid turned up enough and the other just put hers down the garbage disposal with some french fries  yesterday, and the youngest two will be hollering because, well, that’s how they roll.  My mom and I will either join in with the hollering as a matter of survival or be found hiding under beds at any given moment, depending on how we have fared at the Marriott and whether our ears are bleeding after listening to the boys talk about Pokemon for hours on end.  There will be a trip up the mountain to my uncle’s house, and a journey to my home state of Connecticut to visit one of my cousins and his family.  Both households have chickens and one also has goats and a horse and three cousins, so we’re bound to have fun. Wish me luck and drop Matt a note so he doesn’t get too lonely without all that hollering while we’re gone, will ya?

And so begins Spring Break ’09.

5 responses to “Spring Break ’09 Kick-Off

  1. Your spring break sounds adventurous!

    The problem with sleep, I have always said, is it’s addicting. That’s why I just don’t get started…

    Happy early birthday!

  2. I’m glad that’s how you all roll. Enjoy. And Happy Early Birthday to you and Matt! We’ll have to have our April Birthday celebration when you get back. That reminds me, with all our madness, we forgot to get Lyle an invite to Anya’s pirate birthday party, which is the Saturday on the weekend after Easter weekend (i’m so out of it, i can’t remember the date). HOpe you guys can make it!

  3. Well, depending on how early that ass-crack came, you’re either in the air or on the ground on MY coast now! 🙂

    Hopeyour trip is “all that” and more, either because of or in spite of the hootin’ and hollerin’!

    QAnd Happy, HAPPY early birthday to one of the finest people I’ve never met! You make the world a better place, Jordan. And *that’* is worth hollering about.

  4. My mom always says, “you can have it all, just not all at the same time.”

    Have a great trip/vacation! (I know you will, of course, regardless of the Pokemon talk and the hollerin’). And Happy, Happy Birthday, my younger-than-I-am friend!

  5. Happy Trails! Hope it’s a fabulous time…

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