Dinner with the Wonderfamily


At the dinner table tonight, after making one lame joke too many…

Matt, laughing: “I’m a real dork, aren’t I, Baxter?”

Baxter, nearly snarfing his milk through his nose over the first use of this word he’s heard from a parent, looks at me over the edge of his cup and grins in conspiratorial agreement.

Matt, cheerfully: “But at least I’m a dork with an iPhone!”


4 responses to “Dinner with the Wonderfamily

  1. Right on, Matt! We should form a club, the DWiPs! 🙂

  2. sheshoshanorii

    Is that not a redundancy??

  3. sheshoshanorii

    This is Anna, by the way.

  4. Where in the world did Matt get this penchant for lame jokes?


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